Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 065 – Should You Visit Synecdoche, New York?

This week is our last flashback of 2018, to 2008’s Synecdoche, New York. This was my (Zac) pick and I think I’m the only one he likes this movie! We have some good conversation about the ups and downs of the rest of the crew’s first experience watching this mind bender, but I mostly just laugh at their confusion and pontificate over how amazing this film is. Charlie Kaufman! So head of to Synecdoche and enjoy one of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s best performances, or head the advice of everyone else and don’t.

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0:01:00 Talking General Thoughts On Synecdoche, New York
0:05:30 Jon Finds An American Psycho Connection
0:06:30 An Impenetrable First Experience?
0:17:40 Yet Another mother! Digression
0:19:40 Is This Movie Funny? (Ed. Note, Yes)
0:22:10 Hazel Discussion
0:26:30 Good Music, Dark Humor
0:29:30 Let’s Talk Sammy
0:31:00 Throwing Around Praise
0:33:25 Adele’s Apartment And Ellen…
0:35:00 Talking Kaufman…And Spike Jonze
0:38:00 Who Had The “Worst” Picks For Flashbacks In 2018?

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