Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 064 – We Will Not Be Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This week, we flashback to 2008 to discuss Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The film was one of the early Apatow produced films and stands up to this day even if some people might not think the main character does. As loaded of a comedy cast as there has ever been, we pass out some praise to them while wishing the excellent female leads, Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis, had meatier parts for them to elevate even further. Oh yeah, Paul Rudd!!! So take a trip to Hawaii with us and laugh at the idea of being sympathetic for a sad white man who can travel to Hawaii on a whim as something aspirational.

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0:01:00 Forgetting Sarah Marshall General Thoughts
0:07:00 Paul Rudd MVP?
0:07:30 The Peter Problem?
0:20:00 How Aware Is Segal
0:21:30 Apatowian…
0:28:30 Kristen Bell And The Betrayal Of Sarah Marshall
0:31:25 Justice For Mila Kunis And Praise For The Ensemble
0:40:30 A Zodiac / Zodiac Killer Digression / Uber vs. Lyft

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