Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 063 – We Audit American History X

This week, the podcast looks at the 1998 flashback American History X. Zac is out this week, so Jon leads Lauren and Ben through his pick, which was in his Top 5 films of all time! Will it stay there, find out and listen. The group discusses Norton’s arc, Edward Norton in general and how those hard scenes to watch stack up 20 years later.

Download. Listen. Enjoy!

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00:30 Overall Impressions
17:00 Earned Reformation
28:00 The Point Of View And Filmmaking Styles
34:00 Edward Norton And White Supremacy Today
38:00 The Ending And Shortcomings
43:00 Hardest Scenes To Watch
50:00 Grappling With Reality

@middleofrow #nothe
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