Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 062 – Mulling Over Mulan

Disney’s Mulan is 20 years old and we flashback to 1998 to see how it stands up to the legacy of Disney Animation of the 90’s. I, again, find myself on an island of opposition, but there is more cold water being thrown on this than praise. We talk about if this is really a girl power movie, maybe an LGBTQ movie, and how to save yourself in an avalanche. So head to animated China with us and weigh in on whether Mulan still gets down to business.

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0:01:00 Disney Animation Context
0:03:45 General Thoughts On Mulan
0:12:00 Missed Opportunities
0:18:00 LGBTQ Connections?
0:21:30 Avalanche Tips
0:22:30 What Worked For Mulan

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