Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 059 – We Enjoy A Happy Halloween

On this week’s episode, we all enjoy the new sequel to Halloween! Disregard everything you know and dive into the discussion on the only two films that matter in the franchise anymore; the original and this 2018 sequel. We all like the movie again, SHOCKER!, even if Jon’s audio sounds like he is podcasting while being smothered by Michael Myers with a pillow. Spoilers for the original film throughout, and the new film after the 20 minute mark.

Download. Listen. Enjoy!

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0:01:00 Hitting The Reset Button on Halloween
0:11:00 Discussing The Relationships
0:15:00 Yay Or Nay To 2018 Version
0:19:30 Michael’s Motivations
0:20:18 SPOILERS
0:23:00 Let’s Talk About The Doctor And Homages
0:32:00 Where Is The Ending Going?
0:39:00 In Michael’s Shoes

@middleofrow #nothe
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