Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 055 – Assassination Nation Misses The Mark?

This week on the podcast we dive into a possible cult classic in the making, Assassination Nation. Ben is the only one right out on the movie, but I think you will find that this film offered up a lot to be discussed and analyzed; both on filmmaking and social commentary levels. The characters are also rather complex at times and we had a lot of back and forth on that as well. Anyways, a film worth seeing for the discussion alone, and a podcast worth listening to even if you haven’t seen the film. I really enjoyed our talk here.

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0:01:00 Zac Doesn’t Know How To Feel
0:04:00 Ben Takes A Stab At Accessing “Hot Garbage”
0:09:16 An Appreciation Of Sarah Jessica Parker In Hocus Pocus
0:10:30 Lauren Slowly Comes Along
0:16:00 Jon Digs In To The Societal Message
0:23:00 SPOILERS For Assassination Nation
0:23:10 Discussing The First Two Victims
0:26:00 Lily’s Perspective
0:29:00 Discussing Bex and Diamond
0:31:30 Bex Fight Or Flight? And World View
0:36:41 Sussing Out Some Questions

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