Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 039 – Flashback Double Feature: Saving Private Ryan & The Thin Red Line

We’re back! This week we are talking about the two big WWII movies from 1998, The Thin Red Line and Saving Private Ryan. It’s a good talk that gives each film their own space, while also finding plenty of room to compare and contrast the two. Bottom line, they are both beautifully crafted and take a look at the horrors of war from different angles; the cerebral and the physical tolls.

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0:02:30 Patriotism and Anti-War Nature Of The Films
0:06:00 Tonal Shifts in The Thin Red Line?
0:08:00 Voice Over and Acting in The Thin Red Line
0:12:25 The Other Side Of The Battle
0:15:24 Talking Malick
0:22:45 Getting Into Saving Private Ryan
0:24:15 Is Spielberg Too Entertaining Of A Filmmaker?
0:33:45 Who Had The More Star Studded Cast?
0:37:00 Some Final Thoughts On Saving Private Ryan

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