Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 037 – Deadpool 2 Is A Grower And A Shower

We are back with another superhero adventure, this time it’s the sequel for the Merch With The Mouth, Deadpool 2. My opinion really grew on this one, from the original, and the whole crew came together and liked the movie for once. A good conversation that gets at just about everything going on in Deadpool 2.

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0:01:00 General Thoughts On Deadpool OG And Zac Defends Some X-Men Origins: Wolverine
0:11:00 Deadpool 2 Thoughts Spoiler Free
0:17:56 Spoilers for Deadpool 2 (and Man on Fire)
0:18:04 Jon Has A Theory About Christianity
0:20:40 Did They Sell The Relationships/Sacrifice
0:25:50 The Post Credits
0:29:15 Talking Fire Fists and X-Force
0:33:00 All The References
0:36:00 Talking Baby Legs And Penis
0:39:10 Talking The Supporting Cast
0:45:00 Does The Crowd Matter And X-Force
0:54:45 Music And Spider-Man 3, Somehow

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