Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 036 – The Big Lebowski Is Still, Like, Good, Man

We flashback to 1998 this week, to revisit the Coen Brothers comedy classic, The Big Lebowski! Lauren and Jon hadn’t seen it before, which I find remarkable, and we have a good conversation between Ben and I dropping quotes.

Also, if you think Jon is more quiet this episode, it’s because he had a few, early, technical difficulties; which you shouldn’t notice. But, know that he wasn’t being punished for rambling on about The Dark Knight viral marketing last episode.

Download. Listen. Enjoy!

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0:02:30 General Thoughts On The Big Lebowski
0:16:00 Is This Movie Too Weird/Too Confusing?
0:20:00 Discussing The Fantastic Ensemble!
0:24:41 Favorite Characters?
0:30:23 Favorite Scene?
0:33:52 Visual Gags
0:35:42 Favorite Line?

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