Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 035 – Does The Dark Knight Still Stand Atop The Superhero Heap?

This week we are flashing back to 2008 for more superhero fun, this time with Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. This, along with Iron Man, heralded in a new era of films, where comic book films would become the biggest studio films for the next ten years on. We have a great conversation that focuses on just about everything, and it’s not all praise for this one either. So come listen to see how The Dark Knight stands up after a decade of superhero films!

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0:00:30 Talking Our Favorite Nolan Movies
0:02:40 Why Jon Picked The Dark Knight, Spoiler, It Is The Viral Marketing?
0:05:40 Jon Is Still Talking About Viral Marketing…
0:06:40 Jon Starts Wrapping It Up With The Viral Marketing
0:06:47 Does Batman Have A Dog Killing Code?
0:07:14 Jon Wasn’t Actually Done With Viral Marketing
0:08:20 Jon Starts Talking About Batman Movies And The Lead Up To The Dark Knight
0:09:30 Debating The Action In The Dark Knight
0:12:00 Not As Good As It Used To Be?
0:14:30 What’s Working? What Isn’t?
0:17:30 Praising Heath Ledger, Not The Batman Voice
0:20:50 Discussing The Ending
0:23:04 Does Two-Face Work? And What About Joker’s Motivations?
0:31:45 Morality And Psychology Of Batman
0:39:00 We Somehow Talk OG Power Rangers Movie
0:41:45 Favorite Heath Ledger Beat
0:45:00 Anne Hathaway Is Great
0:49:00 Talking A Little More About Rises
0:50:45 The Cast Is Great
0:51:50 The Maggie Gyllenhaal Debate
0:58:00 Wrapping Up Our Thoughts

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