Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 032 – Embrace The Space Dementia And Avoid Armageddon?

Flashing back to 1998 again, this time to the year’s big summer blockbuster Armageddon! We all enjoyed the re-watch, but I don’t know if we are all recommending you dive back in. Either way, we had a lot of fun talking about this one and might have proclaimed it to have the greatest line in movie history. So flashback with us and see how far Michael Bay has come in 20 years; or hasn’t?

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0:03:35 Is Owen Wilson Stealing This Movie?
0:06:00 A Strong Start?
0:10:00 SPACE DEMENTIA! Or How This Movie Doesn’t Make Any Sense
0:16:00 But The Cast Is Great.
0:18:30 What Is The Better Half Of The Movie?
0:22:00 Breaking Down The Characters’ Layers
0:29:00 The Movie Is Still A Mess, But Fun?
0:34:00 The Effects And The Ending
0:38:00 Facts Are For Suckers
0:41:00 Was The Asteroid Alive?
0:41:51 Buscemi Transcends Pedophillia Character?
0:45:00 Was There A Stowaway On The Oil Rig And Bruce Willis Had To Have Him?
0:48:00 Crystallizing The Trumpian Vibe
0:49:35 Talking Michael Bay
0:54:00 Did Jesus Make The First Table?
0:56:00 A Rambling Outro

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