Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 030 – Steven Spielberg Double Feature: Part 2 – Ready Player One

Part 2 of our first foray into discussing Steven Spielberg! We split the episode into two parts, the second one here focusing on the new release, Ready Player One! If you missed our episode on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, you can find that in your podcast feed or right here! I didn’t enjoy Ready Player One, but I’m kind of alone on this one. Check out our discussion for more.

Download. Listen. Enjoy!

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0:01:15 Ready Player One General Thoughts
0:03:00 Olivia Cooke is Great!
0:13:09 Ready Player One Spoilers
0:17:00 Privilege and Economics In The Oasis
0:24:00 Problematic Female Representation or Bad Love Story?
0:33:00 The Oasis Felt Small?
0:35:00 Why Be A Gunter
0:39:45 Where Is Spielberg’s Guiding Hand?
0:42:00 Sorrento’s Change of Heart
0:43:45 Jon Tries To Be Profound While Lauren & Zac Are Jerks
0:46:00 Breaking Down The Ending
0:51:20 Simon Pegg Props

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