Middle of the Row – The Podcast: 027 – Double Feature: The Strangers & The Strangers: Prey At Night

We have another double feature this week on the podcast! The Strangers is our flashback, to 2008 and we pair it with the sequel released ten years later, The Strangers: Prey At Night. We don’t all agree on these films, but we have a really great conversation about them and the horror genre in general.

Listen, download and enjoy!

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01:00 Why The Strangers, Ben?
03:50 General Thoughts on Both Films
13:50 The Problem With No Hope Victims
23:45 Prey At Night Ending And Changes To The Franchise
32:00 The Horror Ending Trope
34:00 Take It Up A Notch!
39:00 An Ode to Spike Jonze!
40:00 Final Recommendations?
42:00 Sadist, or Not Sadist?
43:00 Talking Genre!

@middleofrow #nothe
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