Middle of the Dial: Episode 001 – Luke O’Neil

Welcome to Middle of the Dial! A new music show on the Middle of the Row: The Podcast feed.

We talk about music every now and then on the main podcast, but I’ve (Jon) created this show to focus solely on music related content; including news, song features, and interviews. So if you are a music aficionado, or even if you only found out after he died that Michael Jackson sang “Thriller”, I hope you keep listening.

On the inaugural show, I have an interview I did with journalist Luke O’Neil. Luke is a freelance journalist based in Boston, and a regular contributor to Esquire. We discussed his tenure as the curator of Emo Night Boston, emo music past and present, and his band no hope / no harm. At the end we also feature their song, “Our Vile Body”. So without further ado, here’s my conversation with Luke O’Neil.

That concludes our first episode of Middle of the Dial. I’m Jonathan Rahul, you can follow me on Twitter at @anotherRahulJ and be sure to follow Middle of the Row on Twitter at @MiddleofRow.

I’m also one of the co-hosts for Middle of the Row: The Podcast, where myself, Lauren, Ben and Zac discuss anything and everything entertainment related, including music, film, video games and TV. Subscribe on iTunes, find us on Stitcher or Google Play.

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