10 Years Of Reviews

Today marks the 10 Year anniversary since I launched my own website, began writing online and I thought I would be wistful for a minute and honor that moment here.

Every post I’ve ever written under my personal umbrella still exists on Middle of the Row, as far as I know, but Middle of the Row is actually the third incarnation of the site. It all started with filmsz-c.com and I somehow came up with that name without realizing it was my first name with a hyphen for the A.

For a couple years I kept up with my reviews at that blogger site, before combining forces with Lauren Heimbaugh (who came over from laying on a rambling couch) at Having Said That…. We posted under that name for over seven years, hitting some decent highs, but our site was hacked and was never the same on the search engines.

The delayed fallout from the hack eventually led to Middle of the Row after a fit of inspiration led me to change names and relaunch in a single day earlier this year. Over the course of these last few months we have launched a podcast, taken on Ben Grigsby to pick up some slack on the review side of things, and seem to be getting back in the groove of posting fairly regularly.

For those of you that have stuck with us through the years, I thank you greatly! For those of you that only read my Year in Film articles, we are grateful for you too. I don’t know if I will be able to write another one of these reflections in ten years, but we are going to try!

And, in honor of this anniversary, a list!

My Top 10 Movies of Middle of the Row/Having Said That/Films Z-C existence; according to me!

10. Upstream Color
9. The Master
8. The Social Network
7. Wall-e
6. Up
5. Synecdoche, New York
4. The Grand Budapest Hotel
3. Mad Max: Fury Road
2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
1. Fantastic Mr. Fox

I love this list!

  • Two Wes Anderson films and the most Wes Andersony he’s ever been.
  • Paul Thomas Anderson sneaks onto the list with the brilliant The Master and maybe the decade’s best performance in Joaquin Phoenix.
  • The BEST action movie ever made in Mad Max: Fury Road.
  • Two Pixar films! I love Pixar and the one two punch in back to back years of Wall-e and Up shows just how amazing the studio is.
  • Two Charlie Kaufman scripts that push the boundaries of storytelling and movies.
  • My second favorite David Fincher film (his best, Zodiac, just missing the cut off by a couple months).
  • Plus, one weird movie that most people will watch and be like, “WTF, Zac!” in Upstream Color. (Seriously though, watch Upstream Color, it is incredible.)

That’s a great batch of movies.

Thanks again everyone and I hope you keep enjoying our site for years to come.

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