Who is the Uncle of Dragons?

I’m sure some were hoping for Ed Sheeran, I’m sorry to say it is Tyrion. An uncle who drinks and knows things? That sounds wonderful, my uncles tend to be capable of only one or the other.

Shortly after Tyrion unchained the dragons under Meereen I began seeing the theories that Tyrion is secretly a Targaryen. To summarize the theory: the Mad King apparently had a thing for Tywin’s wife. So when Tywin was being a dick and telling Tyrion that he is entitled to the Lannister name only because “I can not prove you are not mine,” it also could be a clue that the Mad King is Tyrion’s real father. Combine that with Tyrion’s childhood obsession with dragons and his ability to remove chains from dragons, it seemed like an interesting theory. Even Aaron Rodgers is on board.

About a year later, I had a realization that convinces me that this theory is correct. The show’s three main protagonists (Jon, Daenerys, and Tyrion) all lost their mothers due to complications from their birth. It seems like too large of a coincidence of George RR Martin to have this happen to these primary characters without relevance. If we have a third Targaryen, it represents the “three heads of the dragon” and should mean we get to see three dragon riders. The Targaryens definitely watched their School House Rock.

After a quick investigation on the Internet search engine http://www.Google.com. I discovered I was far from the first to think of this, but I haven’t seen it extended to anything beyond Tyrion’s lineage. As Martin has established in this world, sacrifices are often capable of unlocking supernatural power (including the births of the dragons themselves). Maybe the deaths of their mothers were required for the three to be unburnt. Another fun thing to think about is how they could show us that Jon (cousin of dragons) and Tyrion are also unburnt. Maybe Tyrion could be surrounded by enemies and assumed dead in a massive fire, only to emerge confused and naked (if a prosthetic is needed, apparently it needs to be normal sized).

So next summer after Cerci has been finally dispatched and we have lost other beloved characters along the way, our three Targaryen descendants will mount their dragons and fight the seemingly unstoppable army of the Night King. We can have three prince(sses) that were promised, right? After that reveal, there are many exciting possibilities. Will Danny go full mad queen? Will the Night King raise a fallen dragon from the dead? Will Gantry finally show up and lose his virginity? I only have the questions.

One last thing, I know Davos is just trying to help, but could we please maintain the Daenerys and Jon platonic partnership. Please do not strengthen the Targaryen bloodline!

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