Movie Night With Lauren: Love, Rosie (2014)

With all of the previews for the upcoming Me Before You attacking my heart, I figured I would give an earlier romantic comedy of Sam Claflin’s a chance.

Basic Synopsis: Two best friends have trouble acting on their stronger feelings for each other as stuff keeps getting in the way of their relationship becoming something more.

Brief Thoughts: Love, Rosie isn’t so much a will they or won’t they story, as it is a when will they story, so your enjoyment of this love story has a lot to do with how many obstacles you can stomach before you throw up your hands in frustration.

I don’t know what the heck was wrong with me, but Love, Rosie really got to me. I spent a large percentage of the film on the verge of getting weepy, flinging my exasperation at their predicament to the sky. Why can’t things just work out for them!? Like, right now? Right now RIGHT NOW!

I blame Sam Claflin and Lily Collins. Just look at those faces.

Is There A Fun, Quirky Best Friend?: Of course there is. This character is the equivalent of a dog in a horror film.

Final Thoughts: Not a lot to say on this one. If you like rom-coms then give this one a go. Step away from that awful Nicholas Sparks collection.

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