Movie Night with Lauren: Cemetery Junction (2010)

Movie Night With Lauren #6: From Crimson Peak to Cemetery Junction thanks to Burn Gorman. Check out the explanation for Movie Night here.

Basic Synopsis: Dead end living in a place called Cemetery Junction all points towards settling into the monotony of day to day life until death starts to see hints of livening up. Not in a zombie way.

Brief Thoughts: The beginning of this 1970s set film is a little heavy with the gay jokes as the time period and main characters are set up, but just as I started to expect that I wasn’t going to enjoy this one things start turning around thanks to a conversation with the main character’s grandma. I loved these interactions with her son, played by Ricky Gervais (who co-wrote and directed the film with Stephen Merchant). They’re hilarious, sure, but they also introduce the understanding that even this small minded culture has hints of color and personality. Even as the core group dreams about leaving this dreary world that seemingly has nothing for them, it turns out that there is actually something they’d be leaving behind. From Freddie’s grandma and parents, to Bruce’s drunk and beaten dad, to Julie’s mouse of a mother.

Let’s talk about that ending: (Not really a spoiler for the story, but still spoiler enough that if you’re really aggressive in your hatred for them I would not read this section) Emily Mortimer speaking up for her daughter, and thus herself, was probably my favorite part of the film. I didn’t care what happened to anyone else, I just wanted her to be happy!

Randomly Awesome Quote: “1964…. It’s the last time your father said thank you for a cup of tea.” Favorite moment from my favorite character.

Final Thoughts: Thank goodness the slice of life we observe in Cemetery Junction contains Jack Doolan’s Snork. It has the typical quant love story and sympathetically recognizable peripheral characters, but his performance stood out among the rest seeing as he was always good for a smile within the drama.

Additional Reading: Click here to read Zac’s review from back when the movie was originally released.

Path So Far: Hick →  Black DeathThe Martian Interstellar → Crimson Peak → Cemetery Junction

Next Rental Up: Ricky Gervais leads to Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, Christian Cooke leads to Love, Rosie and Romeo & Juliet, Ralph Fiennes leads to Coriolanus and Schindler’s List, and Matthew Goode leads to Self/less and Stoker.

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