The Breakdown: Hitman: Agent 47 Official 1st Trailer

Hitman Trailer

No matter how angry the last game in the series made me for constantly corrupting my save file so that I would have to start all over after I had already almost reached the end of the main campaign, I still love the Hitman series.  I even liked the last film with Timothy Olyphant.  So though it is disappointing that the series is attempting to start up again as a film franchise without him, I’m still excited to see what this incarnation has in store for us.

Now that you’ve seen the trailer, here’s what my mind had to say while watching it:

  • 0:12 – Why is his head not clean shaven!?  Agent 47 would never be so unkempt!  And he would have never been picked up by the cops!  Everything is all wrong!  Unless this is all part of the plan…
  • 0:28 – Oh wow… Yeah I think it is safe to say he wanted to get caught considering I know he has a briefcase capable of hiding guns when going through security.  Things are about to get crazy! Maybe not Neo through the metal detector in The Matrix crazy, but crazy regardless.
  • 0:34 – He’s not an assassin, he’s a hitman! The Hitman!
  • 0:58 – Makes for a cool scene, both the line and the action, but why on earth would that cop have a loaded gun in an interrogation room!?  Not only that, but he should definitely know that the number one rule of gun safety is to only point a gun at what you want to shoot.  Come on now!
  • 1:04 – Disguises, yay!
  • 1:18 – Who the heck are these people?  Rupert Friend’s play-style is definitely different than mine because I always go for the stealth approach.
  • 1:43 – That’s more like it, twisting on the silencer attachment.
  • 1:48 – Now what was the point of showing us the silencer if he was going to kill everyone with a plane engine!?
  • 2:02 – I know these guys are genetically engineered people and in tip top shape, but is standing up like that even physically possible?
  • 2:12 – As many different items that can be used to take out a target in the Hitman games, I definitely don’t think I ever used a helicopter to complete my objective.

Like I said in the intro, I love the Hitman series of games.  But this movie seems to be going much bigger on the action front, so I don’t know how much it will actually feel like the experiences I am used to when it comes to being Agent 47.  Could be a good decision if pulled off right, but could easily be a horrible mistake.  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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