The Breakdown: Magic Mike XXL Teaser Trailer

Magic Mike XXL

Is Magic Mike XXL the type of movie that really needs the trailer to be broken down?  No.  Am I going to do it anyway?  Absolutely.

Out of the two of us, you may be surprised to know that Zac is actually the one who fawns more over the original Magic Mike than I do.  The dancing abtacular was phenomenal to drool over, don’t get me wrong, but I wasn’t blown away by the movie on the whole.  I tend to get this way when I don’t like the “main” character.  With that said, nothing will stop me from seeing the sequel.  Nothing.  It Channings my Tatum.

Let’s all watch the trailer for the 100th time together!:

  • 0:07 – Flashdance crossover go!
  • 0:09 – Dayum… Look at those arms!
  • 0:019 – And thus start the phallic jokes. Vaginas everywhere beware!
  • 0:35 – Does it make sense for Canning Tatum to be dancing around in his shop?  Nope.  It’s actually probably pretty dangerous in reality if you think about it.  He’s definitely going to get a splinter from that ceiling beam at least.  But who cares!?  It looks super cool.  Look at the cinematography!  Look at the lighting design!  Look at the shadows making Tatum’s arms pop like cherries everywhere!
  • 0:51 – Daayuum…
  • 0:59 – Daaaaayuuuummmmm…
  • 1:00 – I can’t wait to sit super uncomfortably next to my mom during this screening.
  • 1:04 – Daaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm.  Emphasis on the yum.
  • 1:17 – Aw… Sexy and adorable.
  • 1:25 – What the heck!?  Where did my pants go!?

There it is.  Aren’t you glad you had me to interpret this trailer for you?  Oh, you’re still not ready to pull your eyes away from the video?  Yeah, that makes sense.

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