The Breakdown: Fantastic Four Official Teaser Trailer

Fantastic Four Trailer

For a while now it seems as if most superhero film related updates have come with lots of necessity for heavy sighs and rage quitting the internet to get away from the news.  I know I’m not alone in this. Most scowling has been directed at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but Fantastic Four has also drawn my stink eye on more than one occasion.  Goodness let this trailer turn things around…

Side note: I know most of you saw this trailer yesterday and I am running behind, but I have good reasons for not writing this post until now! Look at the sad puppy!

Sad Reagan

Don’t worry, Reagan is recovering nicely as we speak. Just having a rough week.  Now back to the trailer for Fantastic Four!

For a deeper look into my mind, here are my thoughts as I processed the trailer:

  • 0:11 – 0:28 – Shut up voiceover man.  Show us something already!
  • 0:28 – Those are some really intense tanning beds.
  • 0:34 – Ugh, voiceover man is still talking…
  • 0:40 – Meet team member #1, Miles Teller (Reed Richards), nerded up in an adorably bespectacled way.
  • 0:43 – Team member #2, Kate Mara (Sue Storm), a real-time strategy gamer?
  • 0:47 – Team member #3, Jamie Bell (Ben Grimm).  Because obviously the one thing you need when venturing into other dimensions is a strong representation of America’s pastime.
  • 0:50 – To round it out with team member #4, we’ve got Michael B. Jordan (Johnny Storm), the one person actually showing some skill set that could be required in the scientific world we will find ourselves in.
  • 0:56 – Looks like 6 people suited up to go tanning.  So we have the Fantastic Four, but who else is with them?  A safe assumption for one is Dr. Doom, but who is the sixth person?  Best guess?  Cannon fodder.
  • 0:57 – Ooo these tanning beds are much nicer than the ones we saw before, meaning they’ve got some funding after some promising results in previous attempts in vacationing in other dimensions.
  • 1:05 – They probably should have avoided this dimension.  It looks uninviting.
  • 1:09 – The Thing!  Man that is a really intense molting process…
  • 1:13 – Human Torch!  Is this like Rogue in which bad things happen when he touches people?  Because this could go badly if human contact leads to becoming a ball of flames.  I’m going to go with the explanation that he is reacting in preparation to defend himself against whatever took out that person on the ground.
  • 1:18 – What… No #4 on their suits?  This movie really is taking things seriously!
  • 1:19 – Who the heck is Johnny fighting right here?  It looks like someone creating a force field in front of him, but why would he be attacking his sister?
  • 1:20 – Oh come on!  We need a better glimpse than this of Mr. Fantastic’s Stretch Armstrong appendages!
  • 1:35 – The answers are coming?  Ooo, I’m shaking in my boots!

Talk about a teaser trailer.  For starters, it did a good job in building up the tone of the film, and I gotta say, I am way more excited for this movie now that we’ve finally gotten to see something.  Keep in mind that it would not take much to up my excitement level past the ground-skimming levels that it was at before.

So when do we get the first official full length trailer?  Other than a few glimpses at the Human Torch, we barely got to see any of the Fantastic Four doing anything fantastic, except staring at a plane or something caught in a beam of light.  The plane is going in the wrong direction for this to be an alien abduction, so what the heck is that? Is that how they get back home? Maybe The Invisible Woman was actually in all the shots, and we just couldn’t see her.  When will we get a better look at The Thing so we can closely scrutinize the effects used to bring him to life?  Why do they keep traveling to other dimensions if they’re being altered into mutants?  Or do they only actually travel to one other dimension that we’ll see and that’s it?  Where did Mr. Fantastic’s glasses go?  These are all need to know.

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