TV Review: Broad City – Mochalatta Chills

Broad City
Abbi and Ilana part ways this week to unknowingly try to save Bevers’ health and Illana’s job.

I was worried Bevers wasn’t going to be around much this season, as the actor playing him (John Gemberling) scored an NBC sitcom, but he is front and center this week. He is trying to turn his life around after getting reprimanded by Abbi over his “couch sores” from never getting off his ass. The sight gag alone of getting bed sores from being so lazy was a solid start, but Gemberling is so at home as Bevers that he kept me laughing throughout as Abbi and Trey try to whip him in shape.

Trey always gets me and his arrogance is at a comedic high as he tries to create his own fitness business with Bevers as his muse. The dynamic these three create hits you from every comedy angle and builds up the relationships and characterization of all three at the same time. This storyline also provides us with the hilarious musical/dance number of Abbi parading around her apartment naked with an awesome musical choice, “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga. Abbi ending up exactly where she started was a predictable conclusion for the Soulstice Cleaner, but I would like to think that her and Bevers might be a bit better off after their adventure.

In the meanwhile, Ilana is about to lose her job since her boss manned up enough to confront her over her being Ilana. He apparently didn’t have the balls to stand up to a pack of catty, foul mouthed high school girls though. Ilana’s boss gives her till the end of the day to make one sale, and while Ilana does find a bit of self respect by the end, the way she ends up there is a classic Ilana trip through the wrong. Her eventual “white power suit” brings her to the realization of the errors in her ways, but Ilana hiring not one, not two, but three interns (and makes out with two of them) is exactly the move you expect her to make in the most delightful way.

Ilana making life a living hell for her co-workers and being completely oblivious are two of the character’s strengths and this week’s episode was a showcase for both. I particularly enjoyed the aftermath of her interns after she simply went out for lunch. Also, the show touches on slavery a week after sexual assault was addressed, really pushing the comedy edge and getting away with it. Also, you couldn’t help but feel a little proud for Ilana and her finally getting her act together in the end. I wonder if that will spill over into any other aspects of her life.

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