TV Review: Broad City – In Heat

Broad City
Abbi and Ilana are back and as great as ever, taking us on a sweaty tour of New York City in search of air conditioning.

Season 2’s premiere plays to all of the shows strength and is absolutely loaded with jokes. The jokes keep on coming and the show does a nice job of giving us a little bit of everyone we love from season 1. The physical humor is also ratcheted up to 11 with all of the sweating and Abbi gets to have the most fun when she is trying to seduce male Stacey played by Seth Rogen. The seduction is anything but sexy and you have to appreciate the slight case of rape reversal all of this ends in. Pro tip: don’t forget your swamp ass napkins in your ass crack.

Meanwhile, Ilana learns that she knows nothing at all about Lincoln, like when it’s his birthday when she is at the dinner celebrating it. It’s sweet that we see Ilana concerned that she might not be the lover she needs to be to Lincoln, but the rest of the episode hinges on the search for an air conditioner.

The air conditioner plotline fits right in the nonsensical world of Broad City and Abbi and Ilana make the most out of it. Bed, Bath & Beyond finally realized the product placement appeal of Abbi making it seem like the greatest place on earth and the girls’ walkthrough of the store did not disappoint. I could watch Abbi give elaborate hand shakes to everyone in the store for the whole episode.

After their first a/c gets stolen on the corner the girls resort to every method possible to try to stay cool, holding bags of ice like babies was my favorite bit, but when they decide to steal Ilana’s old a/c from her old dorm room is when things get really good. I love when these two girls get into their “acting” mode and watching the two rough up a couple of freshmen (or are they seniors?) as their supposed new RA’s devolves into debauchery with incredible speed. Forcing the kids to get high so they can too was a great enough premise for these two beyond stealing their a/c, but the second “rape” of the episode for Abbi was just the icing on the cake.

That final scene was the perfect wrap up to the a/c adventure, with Rogen punching it out of the window when he is startled by one of Bevers kittens. Ending an episode with two characters chewing out a kitten is something that is only really possible on a show like Broad City. Can’t wait for next week.

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