TV Without Commercials: Game of Thrones 4.6

GameOfThronesHeaderThe long awaited trial of Tyrion Lannister, turned out to be not long awaited at all.  So far this season has been action packed. Only six episodes in and we already have Tyrion’s trial, which could not have ended with any more drama.

It’s hard to believe that we are only six episodes into the fourth season of Game of Thrones with all of the excitement we have seen so far.  I thought Tyrion’s trial would be one of the most important moments of the season, but with it taking place mid season I can’t even begin to imagine what the end has to offer.  Tyrion’s trial could not have gone any worse, and Shae was the icing on the cake.  Peter Dinklage is unbelievably talented, and it was a gift to watch the emotion on his face as he listened to the lies spew from Shae’s mouth.  Lies that were put there by his sister and matched perfectly with the tall tale Maester Pycelle told.  Tyrion’s speech was fantastic and he could not have ended it with any better choice of words.  Demanding a trial by combat to put his fate into the hands of the gods and then starring into the eyes of his father.  The stare down between the two most interesting Lannisters was chilling.  I just hope that we don’t have to wait weeks to see the trial by combat unfold.  Who will each side pick as their champion?  Before his injury, Jaime would have been the sure choice for Tyrion but now it seems as though Bronn is his only option.  No matter who the champions are, the battle is practically guaranteed to be thrilling.

Away from the chaos inside of Kings Landing, Stannis Baratheon is making tremendous strides toward his claim for the Iron Throne and Davos Seaworth deserves all of the credit.  Not only was meeting with the Iron Bank of Bravos his idea, but he was the one who convinced them to provide Stannis with a loan.  The last time we saw Stannis, he was angry that he could not attack King’s Landing.  Now that he has the loan, he can acquire sell swords and then I would think that it is only a matter of time until he makes a second attempt to claim the Iron Throne as the last true Baratheon.

It is hard to witness the creature that Theon Greyjoy has become.  Ramsay Snow is a true monster, and Reek is his perfectly molded pet.  Despite Yara’s attempts to rescue poor Theon, he decided to bite her instead, and then cower in his kennel with Ramsay’s other dogs.  To reward this act of cowardice Ramsay gives Theon a bath.  As Theon undresses we see that he is covered in evidence of how Ramsay was able to complete the transformation of Theon Greyjoy into Reek.  I can only imagine what is in store for Theon, and now he has to pretend to be himself for some plan of Ramsay’s that I’m sure is going to be terrible.

Daenery’s dragons are finally reaching the point where they are dangerous to have around.  They ate the goat herder’s live stock but they also came extremely close to burning his son as well.  I think it’s wonderful how Daeny was able to pay him three times what his goats were worth, but I feel like that is just opening the flood gates for others to burn sheep and then bring her the bones in hopes of being paid off as well.  I’m probably reading way too much into that I hope.  Letting the crucified slave master be buried showed a great deal of Daenery’s character.  She is a great queen but it appears that being a great queen is a tremendous amount of work.  How long will she be able to keep it up?


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