The Breakdown: Batman: Arkham Knight Announcement Trailer

batman-arkham-knightNo matter your feelings on the most recent entry into the Batman: Arkham series, it sure is good to see the Bat coming back to the gaming world once more.  Even better, Rocksteady is back in charge!

Thomas Wayne Voiceover: Though this voiceover does seem like more of something that would play over an announcement trailer for a prequel considering how it pertains to how Bruce is choosing to spend his life, I don’t doubt that he still hears these words each and every night he goes into Gotham.  He may have gone ahead and spent crazy gobs of money on ridiculous cars and outfits, but I think his dad would be Ok with these purchases.  I mean, look at that Batmobile!  I thought the tumbler was cool, but this…

Batmobile: With how well the gliding system works in the Arkham series (which integrated fast travel in Origins as well), I can’t imagine choosing to drive around the city instead of take to the skies above.  My assumption is it will be required to take the wheel in specific missions, but who knows.  I was fine running around throughout cities on horseback in Assassin’s Creed, so this could work here.  I just don’t know how Batman will convince himself all the goons bouncing off of his windshield aren’t adding to a secret death toll he pretends doesn’t exist.

“Abandon the city, or I will unleash your greatest fears.”: My major problem with Arkham Origins was that it didn’t depart from City as much as City did from Asylum, especially when considering the map.  Same game, different story.  And now, Scarecrow is threatening the city once more…  This could be reason to worry, but I still have a lot of hope considering this is the Scarecrow we’re talking about.  His bits in Asylum were the best moments in that game, so even if the map is similar, imagine what Rocksteady might do when seeing it through the eyes of someone who has been gassed.  Finger’s crossed it’s way scarier than the images people saw in Batman Begins.

Villains:  In addition to hearing a threat from Scarecrow, we also see Two-Face, Harley Quinn, and Penguin causing some trouble.  Hopefully they will shine more than the assassins did in the last game as they fell to the wayside as the Joker revealed himself, who stole focus once again.  In other words: please, oh please, do not find a way to somehow bring the Joker back into this game.  I am sick and tired of everyone using him as a crutch in their stories!

Seeing as this was just the announcement trailer, there is still plenty of information to be released on this game in the months to come, but so far things are looking good.  What are your initial impressions?


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