TV Review – Girls 309 – Flo

Girls ditches the friend group for family, as a trip home to a dying grandma exposes Hannah’s many emotional influences.

The film was the largest departure for the show to date, as Hannah and Adam were the only two recurring characters to appear and even they were regulated to the sidelines. Instead the focus was mostly on Hannah’s mom and two sisters as they deal with the impending death of their mother. We saw how Hannah deals with death earlier in the season, but with more personal feelings at stake these sisters take things to another level. Placing post-its and rationalizing who gets to pry the wedding ring off their mom’s barely cold, dead hands comes a little too naturally. The bitter infighting and head to head battles Hannah has seen throughout the years has surely influenced the way she handles conflicts. Hannah has often tried to avoid conflict, but when she does get into it she is relentless at standing her ground.

The idea behind the episode is interesting, but the episode doesn’t feel all that necessary. Why do we need to see where Hannah came from exactly? I’ve never once asked why Hannah acts the way she does, she is interesting whether I know she acts like her aunts or not.

The more interesting elements of the episode are the way her family sees her, none more so than her mother’s view of her relationship with Adam. Who saw that negativity coming? The show keeps on introducing these negative outliers for the couple, but the two of them just seem to move along without consequence. I like that they seem to be infallible to criticism as they are so perfect for each other, but the show keeps stacking up the odds against them that I can’t imagine something isn’t going to come to a head in the middle of Adam’s broadway show.

Everything with Hannah’s cousin is especially bizarre, but I loved the back and forth between the two. The texting crash was a highlight of the episode and I love that they could make Hannah look that much more mature compared to someone only a few years younger than her. What’s sad is that this is probably pretty accurate.

June Squibb was especially charming as Grandma Flo, even if she was just doing something slightly off from her Nebraska character, and I enjoyed her interaction with Adam and Hannah the most out of everything else in the episode. Getting to see Adam out in the wild is always a treat and he’s never come across as sweeter than he did here, as he goes with the wedding white lie. Rushing to Hannah’s rescue is even more heroic and him yelling at her the instant he knew she was OK got the best laugh of the night.

An odd diversion for Girls, what it did add to the characters was minimal and, while funny, was one of the weakest episodes of this excellent season. We will see how the minor revelations surrounding Adam and Hannah will affect the season’s final couple of episodes, but right now the episode stands as a perplexing diversion for the season.

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