TV Review: Girls 308 – Incidentals

Girls turns up the happy, well, sort of, in probably its best episode of the third season.

The boys, besides Elijah (who is back again this week!), were MIA at the beach house, but we get to catch up with Adam in an element we’ve never really seen him in; with normal people. It is so weird and interesting to see Adam in that audition waiting room, subtly trying to fit in, but you can’t be much happier than you are for him when he gets the part on Broadway. I can’t wait to see how this new found attention plays out for Adam and Hannah, but it was great to see them happily enjoy the chaos around them this week.

Hannah has plenty to be happy about as well, as her first week on the job finds her with more than enough money to pay for her rent; the Horvath residence continues a string of prosperity. She treats herself to a very flattering dress and heads off to spend a night in a fancy hotel, the Gramercy, on assignment and invites the crew over for an impromptu party. She too, mostly observes the night around them, but not before having her brain rattled by Patti LuPone. Hearing the good news from Adam while interviewing LuPone sends the star on a wild tangent about everyone he is going to fuck, now that he is on Broadway. Hannah’s anxiousness is played out to wonderful comedic effect with everyone she meets throughout the episode, but I love that they seem to squash that bug so effortlessly in the episode’s final bathtub scene. Hannah and Adam are great together, I just hope something terrible doesn’t get thrown in here before the season runs out.

Jessa has quite the week as well, only she is heading in the wrong direction; and in a hurry. Jasper, her old rehab “buddy”, tracks Jessa down and is clearly off the wagon and its this unlikely couple that gives the episode a dark turn in its final moments. When they show up to the Gramercy Jasper and Jessa are both clearly off the wagon, only a sober Shos can keep up, but their desire to keep the high alive leads to an unexpected robbery of Jessa’s place of work. What are you thinking Jessa? We don’t know how serious Jessa’s problem really is, but that seedy hotel room doesn’t fill me with confidence in where she might end up.

The Ray/Marnie relationship seems to have come crashing to an end this week and you can’t blame Ray for wanting something more real than hate fucking her whenever she feels like shit. Marnie getting dumped might have been a blessing in disguise though, as she hits it off with Adam’s co-star Desi the instant the guitar comes out. Allison Williams has been great this season and I don’t know if she has made me laugh harder than when she started harmonizing with Desi, oblivious to how ridiculous she looks. Poor Marnie, when will you ever find what you are looking for.

The whole hotel sequence was just one great laugh after another and was one of the best set pieces the show has put together. It’s great to have Elijah back, hopefully we get even more of him this season, as him droning on and trying to kiss Adam’s ass was a highlight of the episode. The scene just kept getting better and better as it went on and every time a new face popped up in the room you couldn’t guess what was going to happen next. Jasper naming everyone in the room, Marnie busting in the middle of Desi’s story, Shos and Elijah exposing their love of One Tree Hill, it’s all great.

A lot of positivity this week for Hannah and Adam, but there were plenty of interesting wrinkles laid out in the episode. What will happen to Marnie and Desi, will Ray find love and what the hell is Jessa thinking? Time will surely tell.

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