TV Review: Girls 307 – Beach House

Girls gets meta as it stares its critics right in the face and lets you know you shouldn’t expect these characters to change because you want them to.

The episode will likely be seen as a major turning point for fans of the show, as anyone that is waiting for these characters to change into what they want them to be might as well stop watching. Yes, they are full of themselves. Yes, you might never want to spend time with them in real life. Yes, they aren’t really the best of friends. But that doesn’t make them any less interesting; or funny.

Putting these girls into one space with nothing to distract them but themselves seemed like a bad idea, especially with Marnie as the ring leader, but it was a random encounter with their old friend Elijah that ultimately sparks the explosion. I bought Elijah’s sincerity to make up with the girls after he got the boot early last season, but it was the two faced nature of Hannah that we got to see through him that really disrupts the evening. Elijah probably won’t be back anytime soon, but it was nice (and a little sad) to get a peek at one of my favorite characters in the Girls universe.

The whole episode builds towards one big blowout after a choreographed dance number that gives every girl an opportunity to go at one another. I have to imagine that a lot of the things said are what people who hate watch the show say to one another about all the characters, but that is what makes their relationships so real and interesting. I’ve seen plenty of people love/hate their friends and it usually isn’t all that healthy, but somehow they can make it work. No one in their right mind could watch this episode and think that these girls are living in a healthy friendship, but that doesn’t mean they have a connection that can’t really be broken over a drunken fight. Marnie and Hannah are at the center of most of the drama, but no one gets out unscathed. Seeing Shos come alive and dropping truth bombs was a highlight of the episode and while most everything said was hard to hear, they were all able to wake up the next morning and be OK because deep inside they all know everything said was true.

The big fight was the centerpiece of the episode, but the whole episode was dotted with great lines and great character beats for everyone involved. Even the nameless friends of Elijah get some good moments. The greatest moments from Shos and Jessa only emphasized how sorely they are missing as they are relegated to the background on most weeks, especially this season, and while I was happy to get more from them this week the rift between Marnie and Hannah continues to dominate. Maybe they have moved on with this burying of the hatchet night, but I don’t know how much farther they can take their drama without moving the characters forward in their respective lives.

Girls continues to have a great third season and while this week’s episode certainly felt like a detour to deal with some issues that weren’t organic to the storyline of the season so far. Still, this is acceptable when the episode is filled with so many great one liners and they seemed to achieve some sort of catharsis with the group that has been torn every which way due to outside the show circumstances over the last couple of seasons. Let’s just hope we get more Elijah after some seemingly successful reconciliation.

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