TV Review: Girls 303 – She Said OK

Girls brings a new character into the fold while getting the whole gang back together in one place for the first time in a very long time.

The new face on the scene is Adam’s sister, Caroline, and boy is she everything he says she is. Gaby Hoffmann is entirely believable as coming from the same DNA as Adam, even making him look tame by comparison. She comes in like a twister and you are waiting for her to destroy everything in her path along the way. Caroline avoids a public breakdown, more importantly crushing Ray, but it is ultimately herself that is most vulnerable to her path of destruction. The final scene in Hannah and Adam’s apartment is the most dangerous the show has ever felt as Caroline seem liable to slit her wrists at any moment. Letting Caroline stay with them is going to be interesting, for sure, but I am worried about the potential tragedy that could come and what that will do to Adam, and in turn, his relationship with Hannah.

Ray also gets his first featured role of the season and I couldn’t be much happier for him. He is all grown up as the manager of the newest Grumpy’s and seems in line to take over the whole franchise of Bernie’s sickness wins the war. It’s great to see Ray getting his feet under him, but his heart still has wounds to mend as he has to face Shos at Hannah’s big 25th birthday party. When Ray goes out to say hello to Shos as she smokes a cigarette it was great to see that he just needs to move on and it’s funny to watch as he awkwardly and honestly bares his heart. That doesn’t mean he is over the girl, its just a strong first step and I hope that we get to see Ray kindle a new love with someone else. It’s never been more clear than it has been this week that Shos and Ray weren’t meant to be, at least, not at this point in her lifetime.

I mentioned above that Ray avoided the wrath of Caroline, but the joyous wrath of Hannah’s editor, David, was a whirlwind he couldn’t escape. David might be the MVP of the week as he comes out of nowhere, half-uninvited, to Hannah’s b-day and leaves a bloodied Ray in his rear view mirror. Temporarily downloading Grinder on Hannah’s smart phone, telling Ray to thank him for switching Ray’s DJ pick mid-song and the two’s ultimate fight were all highlights of the episode and I hope he keeps popping up more from time to time going forward.

Poor Marnie. Poor, poor Marnie. That music video is one of the funniest things the show has ever put together and watching her squirm lets Allison Williams tap into a comedic note we need to more of. I love seeing this side of Marnie, talking rationally one second and being the same stupid girl the next, Williams must be having a blast playing her this season. Even though the character hasn’t grown a whole lot, the writing and performance have made it entirely believable that she is just going to park it and get comfortable in this self pity for the time being and hopefully she will be stronger on the other side. Her and Hannah’s relationship is on such weird footing during this episode though, and I wonder if we might see behind this positive facade the two seem to be putting up between one another. Their relationship has always been a bit take/take, but once Marnie settles into her new life I wonder how much Hannah will be there or if Marnie will, again, pull away.

Hannah and Adam have never felt stronger after this episode and they are doing so without feeling cheesy or ridiculous like it felt in last season’s finale. The two’s relationship feels lived in, realistic and is always a work in progress; exactly what you would expect from these two. Adam Driver does some of the best background acting I have seen on this show this week and he is endlessly believable as a guy dropping truth bombs one minute and completely compassionate the next. Hannah is also the most real around Adam, but I like that we get to see her immature sides still, sort of, creep out when she is with her girls. This is another interesting angle for the group going forward, as I think Adam is liable to call bullshit sooner or later on all of this.

Girls continues to stay in its rediscovered groove from the premiere and is slowly adding layers on to the established core that makes the show work so well. Caroline will be an interesting wild card and I hope Ray continues to grow as a character going forward. The show is so populated with so many interesting characters that it barely has time for everyone every week, I’m just happy we got a little more Laird in our life.

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