Gaming Review: Batman: Arkham Origins

Arkham Origins HeaderI’m going to do my best to keep this write up short and sweet because as much as I enjoyed Batman: Arkham Origins, there really isn’t too much more to add past my Arkham City review seeing as there isn’t much change from that sequel to this prequel.

Don’t get me wrong, games don’t always need to branch out drastically from the previous game to deserve praise seeing as Origins is still a great game, it’s just that those expecting another jump similar from that between Asylum and City will be disappointed.


  • Combat – Other than being more annoyed with the inability to counter during ground takedowns, the combat plays exactly as I remember it from the last game, which is a good thing.  Why change something that is easily one of the best combat systems in gaming?
  • Location – They may take place during different years, but not a lot has changed in Gotham as you will see during your time gliding over and fighting in the streets of the city.
  • Villains – Technically there are different villains making appearances this time around, but I’ll give you one guess as to who steals focus.
  • The Mad Hatter – Remember the Scarecrow’s moments in Asylum?  These were easily my favorite bits of that game, and it seemed as if they tried to use The Mad Hatter (as well as venomous snake lady whose name eludes me) to recreate this.
  • Corrupt save files – A lot of gamers had problems with their City save files being corrupted halfway through the game, and Origins is no different.  Except that this time I was made to feel the rage.


  • Fast Travel – Maybe if you use the fast travel ability instead of gliding back and forth you won’t notice that it’s the same map.
  • Crime Scenes – This time around when investigating crime scenes you can actually interact with it in such a way that allows the player to witness a visual recreation of the crime in order to fully investigate the crime scene.

Basically what this list comes down to is that if you liked the previous games in this series, especially Arkham City, then you are going to enjoy playing Arkham Origins.  I just wish that the story had been a little bit stronger.  If you ask me, The Joker should have remained a villain only hinted at like he is in Batman Begins because he is front and center in the two previous games, with Bane coming up second.  We just had a whole film about him!  I know The Joker has a major influence on Batman, but if we are going more origin story with this game then stick to the lesser knowns to fill the roles of the assassins called upon to kill The Bat.  Unfortunately those characters that do fit into this category fall to the wayside (some of which are even treated as sidequests), as does the whole assassin storyline.

Even with my problems with the story, video lagging and glitches, every gamer who is a fan of The Bat needs to pick up this game before switching to the next generation of consoles.  It’s nothing new, but that isn’t always a bad thing.

Final Grade:  7.5/10     

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