HST Interviews…Nabil Sanaullah of Now, Voyager

knUvXeaClyxbYA9o2bSKy1hFbbM8yOwMzb8f9aZysME,ifYqWacWZecqhjE5PDn1bWpjYvsprBWF18-5ENG8JwwHaving Said That was introduced to Now, Voyager as their first EP Seas was coming out back in December 2011. Two years have past, and Alan decided to catch up with frontman Nabil Sanaullah on the eve of their second EP, Tell Tale Hearts.

Alan: It’s been almost two years since we first heard the Seas EP. Since then, you guys have been a part of some serious metal festivals and picked up a Monster promotion. From an
outside perspective, seems like its full steam ahead for Now, Voyager. How has the past
two years treated you guys?

Nabil: The past two years have been really good. We’ve kept busy playing as much as we could,
started working with a management company called Glory Or Death, and slowly built ourselves
up to be a touring band as of 2013. We also recorded a brand new EP which lead to a record deal
with a UK label called Destroy Everything. It’s been a lot of hard work but it was completely
worth it, and we’re excited for the future!

Alan: How are crowds at your shows? How have they taken to Now, Voyager?

Nabil: I’ll be perfectly honest in saying that the size of the crowd always depends on where we
play, but I can confidently say that those who do come out to a show generally respond really
well to our music and our live performances. We have a philosophy within the band, and that’s to
play our hearts out at every show, regardless of whether the crowd consists of 5 kids, or 500
kids. We play the same exact way no matter what, and I think a lot of people have respected that
about us, so that’s definitely been a valuable trait to win fans over. We’re slowly developing a
solid fan base, and everything’s been going really well so far.

Alan: Any fun stories from the road?

Nabil: We recently did a UK run with a very awesome band called Palm Reader (go check them
out!) and our friends in Shadows Chasing Ghosts for their farewell tour. During that run, our van
broke down a bunch of times. The first time, we were stranded on the highway in the middle of
nowhere for about 3 hours. 3 hours during which we decided it was a good idea to blast music,
drink whiskey, and eat fish in cans. By the time the tow truck turned up, we were half naked
because of the heat, and half drunk. The guy was really confused and probably wondering what
he’d gotten himself into. He was nice enough to tow us to the venue where we were playing
though, let us unload our van, and then tow the van to the nearest garage. If it wasn’t for him,
we’d definitely have missed the show.

Alan: How’d the Monster Energy sponsorship come about?

Nabil: With all the hardwork that we put into our band, I think we were just fortunate enough to
have the guys at Monster Energy notice us, and be willing to lend us their support. It’s been great
working with them, and they’ve been taking an active part in helping us promote our music so
we’re really grateful to them for their support and for having faith in us.

Alan: August 19th is when your new EP, Tell Tale Hearts, is released. What can we expect this
time around from Now, Voyager?

Nabil: Quite frankly, we haven’t changed the formula to our writing. We just took what we knew
and pushed the boundaries as far as we knew how to for that given period of the band’s life. Old
fans will definitely be able to find what they liked about ‘Seas’ in ‘Tell-Tale Hearts’, and new fans
will find a new side to us as well. We’ve poured our hearts into creating this EP, and the concept
of the EP completely reflects the position the band was in at the time. It’s very honest and ridden
of any kind of veil to allow the listener to experience what it was like to be in our shoes during the
entire writing process. We’ve put our thoughts, feelings, and our hearts out in the open for anyone
to listen to, and hopefully feel what we felt.

Alan: From what I’ve heard so far, it seems that you are implementing cleaner vocals into the
new songs. Was this purely for diversity sake or is this way of singing is where you are
leaning towards creatively?

Nabil: Actually, that’s not entirely true. We’ve always used clean vocals, and that’s apparent not
only in ‘Seas’ but also on our demo songs (‘The Firething’ and ‘Astrophoria’). Even ‘Tabula Rasa’
on our ‘Seas’ EP is a song that is composed entirely of clean vocals, except for one line that is
screamed. Our use of clean vocals has always been there, but depending on the song, it can either
be a center piece element, or a secondary element. It always depends, really. We’ve never
intentionally gone and said ‘okay, we’re going to write a song with only clean vocals’ but it was
rather a matter of using it when it felt right and fit the mood or feeling we were going for. In the
end, it’s just a matter of being honest with ourselves creatively and making sure everything feels
right to us.

Alan: In your opinion, how has NV changed from Seas to TTH?

Nabil: Not to sound cliche, but we’ve grown as individuals as much as a band. We’ve had the
opportunity to gain a lot of experience by playing different shows, to different crowds, and trying
to determine what works for us and what doesn’t. We’ve tried to use those lessons and
experiences to push ourselves harder as people and musicians to create something new that we
feel is a lot more coherent. Our sound has developed with us over the last two years, and we feel
like we’re slowly coming to a point where we know what our sound really is. Not only have we
gained a certain amount of confidence with what we write, but also found a certain amount of
comfort within it. That’s really the best I can put it.

Alan: What’s next for Now, Voyager?

Nabil: Well, a lot more touring, that’s for sure. A lot more growing, and developing, a lot more
discovering and pushing ourselves. We’ll be promoting ‘Tell-Tale Hearts’ over the next few
months, all while starting to write for an album. The rest is up in the air, but we’ll take our
chances unsure of what the future holds for us. Truth be told, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can catch Now, Voyager on their Facebook here. You can also catch my review of Tell Tale Hearts going up tomorrow.

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