TV Rants & Ramblings: Teen Wolf Midseason 3 Finale – “Lunar Eclipse”

Teen_Wolf_2011_Title_cardIt’s always sad to find yourself at the end of a season (or midseason), but it does help some when the finale is a good one.

Traveling Down Memory Lane

Picking up where the penultimate episode left off, Scott, Stiles and Allison are still soaking in the icy water in the vet’s office.  It turns out they’ve been down and out for 16 hours, but what they experience hardly feels that long as they are transported back to the first episode of the season in which Scott is first bitten.  Well first they actually go to a nicely lit white room, but enough about that.

You’d think that at least one of these three individuals would have noticed that giant stump that night, but I guess they were all a little preoccupied.  Scott was busy being bitten when all he wanted to do was find his inhaler and get away from half of a dead body, Stiles was being dragged away by his father for being out in the woods, and Allison was dealing with her aggressive mother who wasn’t at all concerned that she had almost just run over Scott in the middle of the road.

Now that Scott’s pack knows where the root cellar is, it’s time to really get down to business and come back to the land of the here and now.  I really thought that this was going to prove to be much more challenging, especially for Allison seeing as her connection to the world was Isaac, but I guess her feelings for him are much stronger than I would like.  And in the end, there’s far too much to do already considering the eclipse is in just four hours, so there was probably no time to deal with a problem like this from the beginning.

Alpha No More

Speaking of easy comebacks, Derek and Cora are both fine after he gave up his Alpha power to save her.  Not that I wanted either of these two (or those mentioned in the scenario above) to die, but seriously, it all just seemed so easy!  Derek is weak from healing his sister, but that is it.

With his powers drained, the good twin swings by to pick up Lydia and they head over to Derek’s to take his place (while he and Cora drive out of town) in the hope that her presence would keep his brother from helping Nasty Toes (Kali) kill Derek.  I figured this might work, but I never expected the slightly evil twin to actually switch sides at the faintest intention on Nasty Toes’ part to harm Lydia.  He actually growled at her!  And it was the best thing ever.  Also, now that I’m thinking of great anti-Kali moments, thank goodness someone called her out on her toenails!  No shock that it was Lydia.

Before any of the wolves could strike out against the rest, Ms. Blake comes crashing through the skylight because no one is going to take the moment she’s been waiting for all season away from her!  She’s got some werewolves to kill, so it probably wasn’t the best for Nasty Toes to antagonize her by saying she should have ripped her head off instead of leaving her alive.  Especially since Ms. Blake is holding every piece of broken glass against her, ready to strike; but if she was going to go out, might as well be swinging.

Next up are the twins, which are guaranteed to put on a good show.  At least that was the expectation, but practically before the fight can begin Ms. Blake has already broken the super twin’s back, and they are down for the count.  This would have been quite the startling way to take these two off the cast list, which would have been cool considering how unexpected that exit would have been, but don’t worry, they’re not actually dead.

Picking Sides

Now that Lydia is left alone with Ms. Blake, it is time to let out what will now be her signature move as a banshee, which is screaming to her heart’s content.  These sound waves make it all the way out to were Derek and Cora are, and without hesitation Derek turns the car around to come back to help.  Not that this was surprising.  We know from experience that people driving out of town in Teen Wolf finales never make it far before turning around.

So now Derek is back in the same room as Ms. Blake, and she has a proposition for her boy toy: join her and keep her alive as her guardian long enough to get Mr. Smith (Deucalion) to the eclipse, or the three parents currently waiting for their sacrificial moment will be killed.  Even with others racing to get to them, this might be the easiest way out, so Derek agrees to help her.

In the meantime, after a brief interrogation scene with Scott’s father in which Allison drops a smoke grenade to mask their escape, Scott is back with Mr. Smith to honor his deal.  He sends Ms. Blake a video message showing where they should meet (how he got his teacher’s personal phone number, I don’t know), he just didn’t expect that when she finally showed it would be with Derek in tow.  You know who else decided to stop by?  The Demon Wolf!  I still don’t quite know enough about this side of Mr. Smith to make me happy with this detail, but one thing I do know is that he makes one ugly wolf.  I also know that there is no match for him while he is in this state, and before long Ms. Blake is in his clutches and he is ordering Scott to perform the finishing move.

No doubt this was tempting seeing as Ms. Blake was lying about letting the parents go as she was already working towards killing them this whole time by rudely burying them alive, but Scott is a good guy, and sure enough he throws down one of those flash arrow tips that he saw on Argent’s desk, blinding everyone in the room.  Including Mr. Smith, whose werewolf sight I honestly forgot about until Scott brought it up.  Good thing he has a better memory than I do!

Derek Vs. Durach

As the wolves regain their sight, Ms. Blake strolls back into the room to make her grand entrance as one ugly lady, ready to take out the pack now that they don’t have the wolf side of themselves at the ready due to the eclipse.  Thinking fast, Derek reminds Ms. Blake that Mr. Smith has never seen what happened to her at his orders, so being the vain and vengeful woman that she is, she heals his eyes so that he can look upon her face.  Too bad for her Derek didn’t mention that this would take her power away from her for a while like it had when he healed Cora, so for a brief amount of time she is on level ground with the rest.

Ms. Blake and Derek fight each other because he is unwilling to kill Mr. Smith for her, or more like she fights Derek, and even though the balance in the scales slowly tips in her favor as she restores the power she lost, Derek keeps at her like he did with Cora and Boyd in a previous episode.  Even though he’s just a Beta now, he is still strong enough to hold out long enough for the eclipse to pass, so it’s back to werewolves vs. Durach once more.

True Alpha

Now that Ms. Blake no longer has Derek on her side, she is greatly outnumbered in this fight.  Seeing this, she throws a circle of ash around her to keep the wolves away, like she did to Deaton when he was dying in front of Scott’s eyes, but now Scott has an even greater reason to break through the barrier.  With the desperation to save his mother, Stiles’ dad, and Allison’s dad, he basically just wills himself through the barrier and becomes the Alpha he was meant to become.  It was probably a little more difficult than that, but point is he got through, allowing the others to get to Ms. Blake as well.

Before Scott can really decide where to go from there after ordering her to let the parents go, Mr. Smith is all “F this. If you want the job done, do it yourself.”  He walks over and slices her throat open, and like that the big bad of the season has been dealt with.  Mr. Smith gets the much nicer send off of simply being threatened to become a better man, or else, and now all that is left is to get a ladder for everyone trapped underground.

Final Thoughts

Writing it all out like that kinda dwarfs all that happened in this episode, but overall I can definitely say that I was pleased with this midseason finale and cannot wait to see what comes next when the show comes back in January.

So what did you all think about this episode?  Were you as bummed as I was that Stiles was MIA for most of this episode after crashing his jeep?  Do you wish that Isaac and Allison stopped being teamed up together to do things?  Get your own cellar, Isaac!  This one has Allison in it!  Was Peter being the one to actually kill Ms. Blake just to show that he is definitely still evil?  It does shed new light on last season when he watched Gerard take control of the Kanima.  Bet he wanted to do that, he just got there too late.  But if he goes after Scott now that Scott is an Alpha there will definitely be Hell to pay!  Right after all of the fans take out Isaac for Scott, of course.  And last, but not least: How many episodes will go by before Derek is brought back into the show?

Teen Wolf S3Ep12

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