TV Rants & Ramblings: Teen Wolf 3.10 – “The Overlooked”


Yes that is the entirety of my first paragraph.

“Never Trust A Ho”

Thank you, 3OH!3, for those poetically constructed lyrics that fit perfectly with the current predicament that Derek, Scott, and the rest of the pack find themselves in.  After taking Stiles’ dad hostage to be sacrificed later, Ms. Blake races to Derek’s side to put a speck of doubt in his mind about whatever the boys will have to say to drag her name through the accusatory mud.  Granted, while she was busy storing her hostage in the root cellar, Scott and Stiles had plenty of time to make it to Derek’s apartment first to plead their side of things, and as truth-revealing icing on top of the proof-that-you’re-an-evil-liar cake, Scott breaks out the all too familiar mistletoe from this season to throw it in his teachers face, revealing that fugly mess under her usual visage.

Seeing how ugly the woman is that he slept with, Derek lifts her by the neck with all the rage he is feeling in the desire to bring the pain.  But what is more painful are the tears in Stiles’ eyes as he pleads to let her go since she is the only one who knows where his father is, and the Sterek love (as well as the love for his dying sister, Cora, who can only be helped by Ms. Blake) keeps her alive, for now.  There’s still time left in the season to reenact the last time she came up against the Alphas.

Origin Of A Vendetta

After Stilinski looked up the case of a girl who he found with horrific wounds from an animal attack, it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together that the Alphas were somehow responsible for what happened.  So the backstory is fully revealed in this episode, and we learn that Ms. Blake was the emissary to Nasty Toes’ pack, and Mr. Smith (Deucalion) had her kill her along with the rest of the pack.  Nasty Toes (Kali) was a little resistant to this order, so even though there was still reason to believe she was leaving her emissary alive, she finally gives me something to put in the reasons to like her column.  That’s about it though, and because of her Ms. Blake is taking out a whole heck of a lot of people to make the Alphas pay for what they did to her.

I’m still not quite positive how she is able to hide her true face, but I don’t really care as long as we don’t have to look at her scratched up cave-creatures-from-The-Descent appearance.

Hero/Villain Team Up

No matter the sob story, Ms. Blake is definitely delusional if she believes that all the sacrifices make her any less monstrous than the Alphas that she is building herself up to kill.  Yet the group can’t kill her yet as she has something they need, so the first step before she can be judged is to heal Cora, who is throwing up black gunk and mistletoe at Beacon Hill’s Memorial Hospital, which is being evacuated due to a horrible storm throwing trees through their windows.  Not everyone has cleared out, though, and after a brief wet t-shirt contest upon entry, the group makes their way to where Cora is being watched over by Peter.  But as they near the room, Peter is thrown through the doors to let them know that the mutant twins have come without flowers or get well cards to come for her.  I am assuming they meant the teacher, but how would they have known that she would be there?  I guess they could have actually been there to kidnap Cora and force Derek into helping them, but this is much faster as she has already been brought to them.  As much as she really wants to help Cora overcome what she did to her (so she says), she’s still too afraid to stick around with members of the Alpha pack near by.  Seeing this fight between the packs as a moment of distraction, she slips away, but not for long as Mr. Smith and Nasty Toes block the path out of the hospital.

She cannot hide her fear of the Alphas, but she still holds the upper hand in this situation as she controls the fate of Cora and Stilinski, so now Derek, Scott, Peter, and Stiles are forced into protecting her.


With his broken bat and lack of knowledge when it comes to the defibrillator, Stiles might not be built for  battle, but he still has his power of sniffing out when someone isn’t divulging their true plan.  Unfortunately what starts out as just a feeling isn’t really figured out completely until it is too late for him to do anything about it.  After fighting between the epinephrine enhanced Peter, Scott, and the mutant twins, the kidnapping of Scott’s mother by Mr. Smith in order to shut down the power (who then lets her go to serve his own desires), Stiles and Cora hiding in an ambulance, and Ms. Blake telling the origin story of mistletoe in the elevator they find themselves trapped in (yes I did just fast forward through all of that action), Stiles sees a hospital form that has to be signed by a parent or guardian, and it clicks.

Whether she meant any of what she said to Derek or not about wanting to help him, she is still an opportunist and self-preservationist, and manages to keep the upper hand even when she is trapped.  As Allison (who has arrived on scene with her father and Isaac) runs through the hospital as a decoy dark headed female to draw the Alphas away from where Ms. Blake and Derek really are, she takes the distraction to knock Derek out and find Scott’s mom on the roof after turning the power back on.  Seriously, what a B.  Everyone is risking their own lives to help her escape, and she screws them over.  Granted, it’s not at all unexpected.

Joining The Alpha Pack

Ms. Blake is far from the only opportunist in the hospital, and Mr. Smith is missing from the Alpha pack as they chase Allison out into the street.  Which is because he’s too busy using his confusing amount of information and intuitiveness about what is going on to sneak up onto the roof and wait for Scott to show up.  Heck, he was probably already up there when Ms. Blake appeared to kidnap Scott’s mom, but interfering then would not have gotten him what he wants.

Now, with his mother joining Stiles’ father in the root cellar where Derek killed Paige (that’s right, this sacrificial act for the girl he loved was actually what kept Ms. Blake alive the day she was left to die.  Stupid magic tree!), Scott’s desperation narrows his vision enough to only see one option, and that is to join Mr. Smith.  And thus, a deal with the devil is made.

I doubt this is going to be a temporary agreement in Mr. Smith’s eyes, so he is probably going to give Scott the ultimatum that either he joins the Alpha pack, or Mr. Smith lets his mom die.  Hopefully his actual “pack” will be working even harder to keep him from having to shake on this, but even if there is another way to find the parents I doubt that they will both be making it out of that cellar alive.

Final Thoughts

So what did you think of this episode of Teen Wolf?  There are only a couple of episodes left, and the anticipation of what is to come is definitely making me nervous.  But first things first: what ever happened to Lydia!?  Last time we saw her she was in the process of being killed by Ms. Blake.  There were no calming cuts over to her sitting in the corner after Ms. Blake escaped, nor was she in this episode, so what happened to her!?  She’s probably at home resting in bed, but it wouldn’t hurt to actually show us this.  Is this tension between Allison and Isaac ever going to end?  Is Scott’s mom and/or Stilinski going to die?  The Guardian sacrifices will have to be made if we are going to get to this final battle when the werewolves are powerless during the lunar eclipse.  Is Scott going to be forced to do something that will keep him from becoming a True Alpha?  Guess we will just have to wait and see.

Teen Wolf S3Ep10

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