TV Rants & Ramblings: Teen Wolf 3.9 – “The Girl Who Knew Too Much”

Teen_Wolf_2011_Title_cardI KNEW IT!  Ok, maybe I didn’t know exactly what I knew, but I am not above saying that I kinda, sorta knew who the Darach was!

But more on that later…

The First Sacrifice

You know things aren’t going to start well in a show like this when the first location we go to is the school at night.  Seriously, why does anyone still go there at night!?  With all the bad things that have happened here you would think the school was on a Hellmouth or something.

And sure enough, our first sacrifice of a new group is taken in a pretty traumatic way when she follows the image of feet being dragged through the doorway to the locker room.  When she finally finds it, she actually sees herself, or rather, where she is going to be in a few seconds after the Darach kills her.  Poor Tess.  I can only imagine how confusing that must have been for her in her final moments.  If she is anything like me, her gut response to seeing herself would be that she was having a Sister, Sister moment, and she died before getting to meet her sister.  So sad.

The Philosophers

With this first murder victimizing a police officer, the group makes the mistake of assuming that the Darach is going after Guardians.  Had Allison and Isaac used common sense they would have realized it was the Philosophers because the pattern would have been disrupted had the killer jumped over one group to the group in the middle of the Celtic knot on her father’s table (why does he have a table with this symbol, anyway?).  I guess she was just too distracted by the sexual tension with Isaac placed right at her back.  I will not stand for this you two!  Separate yourselves!

I guess it is for the best that they don’t listen to me though because it’s better to take on your father with backup if you are going into the confrontation assuming that he is the murderer.  There was definitely no way that this choice was going to be made considering he is too great as is, and they would be ruining that character if they decided to throw in the evil curveball.  So thank goodness it only took a little bit of time to play out this train of thought before they find the true Darach, who is being shot at my Papa Argent.  Now he’s in the clear and we can all just finally work together again!

And get back to the real murderer.  They find the second victim (thank goodness a new teacher showed up just in time to become cannon fodder), so now there is only one more philosopher out there who is about to be taken.

Scream Like A Banshee

While all of the characters are at the memorial concert in which all of the losses the school has had this year are remembered through the playing of creepy Harry Potter music, Lydia makes the idiotic choice to go off on her own.  Seriously Lydia… You just had a nice moment with Scott in which you basically had a teamwork talk and then you go off on your own?  How are you going to tell Scott when you have the death-is-coming feeling if you’re not in the same place!?

This is the least of her worries as she follows the text from Aiden to meet him alone because it turns out it wasn’t actually from him.  It was from the Darach, or rather, Derek’s lady friend.  I knew it!  Ok, I didn’t actually know for sure that the teacher was going to be the Darach, but she was either going to be killed or turn out to be evil, and considering she seemed like a likely candidate as a new character to be the big bad of the season, I am just going to go ahead and round it out to me being awesome and guessing correctly back when she and Derek were doing the deed.

I just don’t understand why Ms. Blake still felt the need to employ a murderous piano to take out another teacher when she had Lydia tied to a chair.  As one of, if not the smartest person in the school, can’t she be considered a philosopher?  So if you’re already going to kill her for knowing too much, why not just kill two birds with one stone?

But now for the other review of the scene: for those who didn’t take the time to Google it, a banshee is a female from mythology who would come a calling when death was on someone’s doorstep, which is why Lydia has been finding a lot of dead bodies this year.  And screaming more than usual.  So the hope is that now that she knows what she is she can fully accept it and do what she told Scott she would try to, not fight the power so that she might be able to prevent some death.  Not only that, but Scott can stop blaming himself for all the bad that happens to people because when there is a banshee around death is also nearby, so if you don’t use any ounce of logic Lydia could leave and no one would ever die again!

Showing The Chess Board

Good thing Mr. Stilinski showed up when he did (he sure has a knack for this) because he interrupted yet another strangling.  At least I think he did.  With all the commotion that went on after his appearance we don’t actually check up on Lydia to see what happened to her.  I’m just going to go ahead and assume that she’s still taped to the chair in the corner and Scott and Stiles just haven’t noticed yet.  Then again, Ms. Blake could have used her super strength to take both victims through the window.

And now Stilinski finally knows the truth!  I’m just glad he didn’t believe Stiles when he first sits his dad down to break the news, because this is something that he and Scott are supposed to do together.  So get lost Cora!  Passing out was a little dramatic, but I will take it.  You know what else is a little dramatic?  Pulling out the “mom would have believed me” card to throw the dagger at your dad, but it was an affective tactic because it pushed Stilinski to look into a case he was involved in a decade ago in which he found a girl who had been attacked by an animal.  Turns out that while this girl was in the hospital there was a ridiculous amount of bird suicides against the windows and walls as well, so I think it is safe to say that this could be the Druid once attacked by werewolves that we’re looking for.  So time to go arrest Ms. Blake!

Unfortunately, unlike his son, Ms. Blake throws real daggers, catching Stilinski in the chest.  Scott shows up and tries to protect his best friend’s dad, and Stilinski comes face to face with the truth about his town when he sees Scott’s furry face.  This looks like quite the one sided fight, but Ms. Blake is actually crazy strong and causes some internal damage to Scott that takes him out of the fight long enough to kidnap her first guardian.

Final Thoughts

Now that we know who the Darach is I think it is safe to say that MTV should just go ahead and give us the rest of the episodes.  As in right now.  I’m sure you want to know the story behind evil Ms. Blake and her connection to the alphas, as well as see Scott reach his full potential.  At least he better!

So what did you think of this episode of Teen Wolf?  What’s going on with Cora?  How is Scott going to find the loophole that will allow him the choice to both not join Mr. Smith’s pack, as well as not have to kill someone?  He better not jeopardize his true alpha status!  How bad do you feel for Derek?  First there was Kate Argent, then there was Paige, and now there is Ms. Blake.  Derek sure doesn’t have luck when it comes to relationships.  Is there any hope for Aiden, or is something bad going to happen to separate the twins?  This of course goes with the assumption that Ethan will side with the good guys even though he feels like he owes the other alphas because a while back they helped the twins understand their twin powers and escape their status of the low men on the totem poll in their old, evil pack.  All I know is that it is always sad when twins are separated (you’ve seen Harry Potter), even if Aiden is evil and threatens to mess up Danny’s beautiful face.

Teen Wolf S3Ep9

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