TV Rants & Ramblings: Teen Wolf 3.7 – “Currents”

Teen_Wolf_2011_Title_cardFor once I don’t have to watch the episode a second time before I really start to enjoy it.  This is my kind of Teen Wolf.  With that said, I will probably have to watch it a second time to understand it.

Looming Death

With the threat of the promised death during this episode, I’m sure many people were on edge when Ethan practically carried Danny into the hospital.  And then the vomiting started.  I wish someone could explain to me how Danny got mistletoe in his system, though.  It’s one thing to trick a dog into eating something it shouldn’t, but I’m pretty sure Danny would remember a stranger with a horribly scarred face running up to him and shoving it down his throat.  Plus, considering his paper for Mr. Harris’ class I’d imagine he is smart enough to know that eating the plant is a bad idea unless in a last ditch attempt at evil Mr. Harris told Danny that eating mistletoe was a requirement for finding telluric currents.

I also need someone with a better knowledge of heath and medicine to explain to me how being poisoned can deflate a lung.  Did the pressure in his chest pop it like a balloon?  Who knows.  What I do know is that thank goodness Scott’s mom was there to save his life since all of the doctors are MIA.  Plus, now that Ethan lets it slip that Danny isn’t in any danger with him because they’ve realized that Lydia is more important to Scott, his chances of surviving the season have increased (knock on wood).

Flight of the Butterfly

You don’t have to tell me that a fear of butterflies is completely irrational, yet every time one dive-bombs me outside I shudder.  So it should be no surprise to you that this week’s means of the murderous druid traveling around is pretty much my worst nightmare.  I hate butterflies!  They can’t be trusted…

And now I can add kidnapping and accomplice to murder to the long list of reasons why they suck (they’re worse than moths, FYI).  Scott and Isaac are of the same mind that I am when it comes to disappearing healers, so it was no surprise to see them being protective of Scott’s mom.  Yet I never expected to see them “watching” over her as she slept, which has a good chance of being one of my favorite moments of this season.  Seriously, how can you not love this brotherly relationship?  Isaac can never replace Stiles, though, so don’t even think about it, writers.

I was so sure that it was going to be Mrs. McCall that I completely forgot about the vet as a healer of animals, so shame on me.  And shame on the butterflies for kidnapping him!

Trying to Force Breadcrumbs

With little to no idea how to find Deaton, Stiles and Scott are rudely interrupted on their way to finally clueing Stile’s dad in about what is really going on when the counselor steps in with a little advice on how to find her brother.  It ends up being a waste of time in the ways Stiles and Cora hoped Lydia could help, but it was entertaining regardless thanks to her sarcasm and serious doubt about being able to connect to the supernatural world.  Yet Stiles is desperate, so out comes the Ouija Board, Deaton’s keys, and a notepad of blank paper.  It should be noted that Lydia keeps drawing trees, but that’s about all we get out of these three attempts at connecting to something supernatural.  Good thing she is still a genius as she tells Stiles that what he should be doing is going to Danny for help.

Thank goodness Lydia had this advice because we are treated to the best scene of the episode as Stiles attempts to convince Danny that he is dreaming about Stiles going through his stuff at the hospital, going so far as to berate him for not understanding his own dream and to just go back to sleep.  Rude, but hilariously worth it.  And then Eureka!  A paper on telluric currents!  The question is, how the heck did seeing this mean anything to Stiles?  I would have just pushed it aside as no more than homework, but that’s me and I am not the daughter of a police officer.

While Stiles is searching Danny for clues, Mr. Smith (Deucalion) is giving Scott the hint that if he wants to find the vet then he will have to follow the advice: “Let the current guide you.”  Could those currents be of the telluric nature?  Of course.  With a map of these currents in Danny’s possession, it is time to narrow down the possible locations that the vet can be at by cross-referencing the evidence to fine the similarities.  Another map, you say?  Good thing Mr. Argent has been taking an interest in the supernatural world again because it has provided just the map we need on locations of where the serial killer has been leaving dead bodies.  The weird thing is that he has more markings on the map than bodies that have been found, but I was too busy still being flustered by Allison, Scott, and Scott’s little friend’s scene in the closet to figure out exactly how Mr. Argent got his Intel.  What all does he know that we don’t!?

Scott to the Rescue

By cross-referencing these maps (these kids are way stronger sleuths than I am as I feel like I need way more explanation on what is going on than was given, or maybe just to watch the episode a second time), they figure out that Deaton is currently going through a slow, torturous, crucifixion-like death within the vault that Boyd and Cora were found in earlier this season.  To Deaton’s relief, Scott arrives as things are really starting to look bad for him.  Yay!  Rescue!  But wait!  There just so happens to be a ring of mountain ash blocking his path, and no amount of straining and red eye will allow Scott to break through the barrier.

Just when all seems lost, Mr. Stalinski arrives after remembering seeing a symbol in Deaton’s office that reminded him of the bank.  What!?  This makes no sense!  What if he had seen a McDonald’s cup, would he have gone there as well!?  Oh well, Deaton is safe, so I will let my happiness for this push away my annoyance with the storytelling.

The Ground is Lava!

While Scott is helping the vet, Stiles, Cora, and Lydia make their way to Derek’s apartment because the initial plan to protect Derek from Nasty Toes has hit a serious roadblock when she thought ahead to cut the power.  It’s a shame too, because I was so hoping for her to finally regret not wearing shoes, but no, she will go shoeless some more.  Without the trickery in place, Derek must face Nasty Toes in a one-on-one fight to the death.  Boyd and Isaac are there to help defend Derek, but unfortunately Nasty Toes also planned ahead for that and brought the twins along to threaten the life of his teacher lady-friend (I really want to like the twins, but they aren’t making it easy).  Clearly she has thought of everything.

As the fighting continues things start to look bad for Derek, but as an unexpected twist on the assumption that it would be one of these two dying now that the vet is safe, Nasty Toes forces Derek to kill Boyd by dropping his Beta onto his extended claws.  As Boyd slowly dies, saying something about wishing he had gotten to experience the lunar eclipse as a werewolf, Derek looks really distraught by what he has done, but there’s a good chance the power is going to go to his head.  Don’t even think about getting power hungry, Derek, or else a certain True Alpha will have to take you down!

Bye Bye Boyd

I will admit that I was never the biggest Boyd fan simply because he never really had quite the character built around him.  I mean, my favorite scene was between him and Stiles in the first episode he is in, and that’s mostly because of Stiles.  Boyd was basically Derek’s quick-tempered shadow, following him around for when an additional wolf was needed for a fight scene.

That doesn’t mean I wanted him to die, though.  Then again, out of all the characters that could have gone I am relieve that it was him (even Cora became more of a character with this one episode than Boyd did in almost his whole time on the show); same way I felt as when Erica died (her “sexy and I know it” presentation got on my nerves).  Especially if the build up was that it was either going to be Deaton or Derek, with there being little to no chance that Derek would get the ax.  Over Deaton I would gladly sacrifice Boyd.

Final Thoughts

Though I don’t feel like the detective work was fleshed out enough to make it seem more than just incredibly easy for these high schoolers to put the pieces together, I still found this episode pretty great overall.  Plus now that Scott is becoming a True Alpha, Derek will probably have to fight against himself and the draw to kill the rest of his pack, and Allison knows about Gerard being alive, Teen Wolf can only get better from here.

Teen Wolf S3Ep7

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