TV Rants & Ramblings: Teen Wolf 3.6 – “Motel California”

Teen_Wolf_2011_Title_cardI think that it’s time that I just go ahead and embrace the weird that is Teen Wolf.

Bitten Hunter

With the one visual flashback of the episode, we see that Mama Argent was far from the only hunter to be bitten by a werewolf before, making it necessary to commit suicide.  In March of 1977 it was Papa Argents uncle in Room 217, a French-speaking member of the family, who decided the way to go was a shotgun to the face as he began to turn in the full moonlight.  Question, do people ever get bitten on a day not near the full moon?  Mama Argent, Uncle Argent, Scott, Isaac…

Suicide Destination

Most hotels boast things like free Wi-Fi or continental breakfast, but not in Teen Wolf land.  No, the hotel the cross-country team stops at for a night of rest before the meet has bragging rights over an extremely high number of suicides on the grounds.  Makes an interesting detail of creepiness, but in the end it just turns out to be a red herring since the suicidal tendencies of those guests tonight are brought on by something other entirely.  Wolfsbane.

Now Lydia, on the other hand, she’s just crazy.  She has had a supernatural gravitational pull towards finding clues to what the Durach is doing, so it’s no surprise that she has some unexplainable connection to what is going on at the motel, I just think it’s not worth looking at her for being connected to what is going on in the same way she was connected to Peter.  I just think that she has a connecting to death in some way after all she’s been through, which is why she is more sensitive to all that is happening.

Werewolves Have Fears Too

At the end of the episode when everyone piles back onto the bus, a small darkened line on the coach’s shirt leads Lydia to the discovery that there was wolfsbane in it.  Now it’s just a question of how it got there?  And how that much remained in it after the overuse of the whistle during the last episode.  Not only that, but you would think that Stiles would have been under the effects as well considering the coach was right in his face for most of it, but I guess breathing the powdered form is only potent enough to cause side effects for the lycanthropic members of the team.

Similarly to what occurred at Lydia’s party, which Stiles is sure to bring up as a reason to question if Lydia is being somehow controlled again, Scott starts acting strange as he creeps up on Allison in the shower.  The first signs are all strange like this: Boyd seems dazed as he punches through a vending machine (his loss for not taking Stiles up on his offer to help considering what happened last time he tried to get what he paid for from one at the hospital), and Isaac flips through the upper fuzzy channels on the TV in his room.  Then things get a little more psychologically significant as they start to experience hallucinations based on certain fears.

Isaac’s fear is the simplest to figure out because it is based on his memories of being abused by his father, but I am not quite sure what is going on with Ethan and Boyd.  Poor Danny; he and Ethan were getting some serious alone time when Ethan starts going crazy, imagining that his spine is being split in two.  He runs into the bathroom, only to see some werewolf claws and face trying to make their way out of his stomach.  The best guess would be that he’s afraid of losing his individuality seeing as he is a twin, one of a few in the alpha back, and even becomes one werewolf when he transforms with his brother.  However, the other option is that he was actually supposed to be a triplet and he ate the other sibling in the womb.  Just something to consider…

As for Boyd, I really can’t say what was going on here, but as a guess based on what he heard through the radio I am going with him having a younger sister who died at the ice skating rink.  Either she was kidnapped, or fell through the ice if it was outdoors… Who knows, but whoever Alicia is, she’s dead and currently hiding in the icebox at the hotel.  But if this is the case, why the heck would he still work at an ice rink?

All To Blame

After Isaac, Scott comes next on a scale of understandable to what the heck.  As he sees Mr. Smith (Deucalion) kill his mother in the parking lot, he continues to be tormented by the idea that he is somehow to blame for everything that is going on, including all the bad that happens to those around him.  These feelings of accountability and guilt are probably hard enough for him to handle on a good day (and we saw what his emotions managed to do to him last week), so it’s no surprise that with the added wolfsbane and suicidal history of the location he feels the pull to end it all.

For the other three, all that was needed was the shock of heat or fire to bring them back to reality, but the same means would not work on Scott considering he doused himself with gasoline.  Don’t get me wrong, seeing Stiles shove the flare into Isaac’s face under the bed was hilarious, but by not having this option Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien were given an amazing opportunity to show their acting skills and make the audience experience all of the feels thanks to their bromance as Stiles talks Scott down from the ledge.  Take that, Allison, Stiles FTW!

Hot For Teacher

As much as I love the awkwardness of the teacher as she is thrust into these confusing and terrifying situations thanks to Derek, there’s something about her that kind of bothered me this episode.  She makes a valid point about fake deaths sometimes working to the advantage of the “deceased,” but I just can’t get over her using Romeo and Juliet as a good example of this.  She remembers how that story ends, right?  That led to unnecessary death.

Maybe it’s nothing, but she kept Derek from calling Scott and the other pack members to tell them that he is all right.  Would stopping for a quick text really of been a bad idea?  It could be far from an intentional act, or she could be evil!  Either that, or now that she’s gotten all steamy with Derek (cuz there’s nothing like gaping abdominal wounds to put you in the mood) she is more likely to die.  It’ll be one or the other.

Final Thoughts

After a first viewing, I was still a little meh about the episode because it just seems so weird, more like a Buffy style episode than something that I would have expected when considering the first season of Teen Wolf, but it really is time just to stop thinking of what could have been and just accept the level of supernatural craziness the show is going with.

So what did you think of this episode of Teen Wolf?  Did anyone else laugh when Lydia saw the face of the figure in the fire?  Who do you think turned the sign with the number 198 to 201?  That is kind of tilting your hand, if you ask me.  Counting the chickens before they hatch.  Was anyone actually surprised that Grandpa Argent is alive?  His body disappeared at the end of last season, so this was bound to happen, I just didn’t expect Papa Argent to know where he was.  Oh well, at least Grandpa Argent telling him that Mr. Smith killed his uncle will probably get Papa Argent back into the fight, we can deal with his secrets later.

Teen Wolf S3Ep6

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