Looking Ahead To 2013: Quarter 3 (July – September)

Looking Ahead Q3Looks like it’s time again for the writers over at HST to look ahead to what we expect/hope to be the best of the best books, movies, music, TV shows and video games of the coming months.

BooksSelf-Inflicted Wounds: Heartwarming Tales of Epic Humiliation (July 9th)

Lauren’s #1 Pick:  I spend a lot of my working time listening to podcasts, and one of my favorites is Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler.  My fellow supscribers must also look forward to the end of each episode where the guest tells an embarrassing story from their life, aka a “self-inflicted wound.”  With the number of episodes Tyler has online, it’s about time she starts spilling some of these embarrassing moments of her own.

HSTMoviesPacific Rim (July 12th)

Zac’s #3 Pick: Someone gave Guillermo del Toro 200 plus million dollars to make a movie, that is reason enough to squeal, but this is the movie you are writing off that has the potential to be one of your favorite films of the year. Trust Guillermo, don’t let the robots and monsters scare you away, this could be great!

Grant’s #3 Pick: I’m excited about it!  Ron Perlman probably won’t get enough screen time, but if anybody can make the first good giant fighting robot movie, it’s del Toro.

Only God Forgives (Limited – July 19th)

Lauren’s # 2 Pick:  Ryan Gosling reteaming with the man behind Drive can only lead the phenomenal things.  At least we know it will definitely be pretty.  And maybe Gosling will have more to say this time!

Zac’s #1 Pick: I wouldn’t hold your breath on Gosling having more to say, but yeah, Drive was my #1 movie a couple years ago and I am hoping for great things here.

Grant’s #2 Pick: A consensus!  There is a first for everything.

Elysium (August 9th)

Zac’s # 2 Pick: Remember District 9 and how awesome that was? Well, Neil Blomkamp gets to make a sci-fi film with no limitations this time out and he got one of Hollywood’s biggest and best to star in it. I am avoiding everything on this, could be amazing stuff.

Kick-Ass 2 (August 16th)

Lauren’s #3 Pick:  They really should just call this film Hit Girl, because she’s the one I am most excited for.  But if she can rub off even more on Kick-Ass in this one, then all the merrier.  But word of warning, someone will suffer if that dog dies!

You’re Next (August 23rd)

Lauren’s #1 Pick:  Hopefully this home-invasion story can do what The Purge couldn’t, and that’s not suck.  Based on the preview and what I’ve heard so far things are looking pretty good for my hopes, and Zac even said it’s being compared to Cabin In The Woods even though the trailer is presenting it as a full-blown The Strangers style horror film.  Yay horror done right!

The World’s End (August 23rd)

Grant’s #2 Pick: Edgar Wright picks his projects carefully, and he has a great track record to prove it.  He directed two of my favorite recent comedies: Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs the World.  The World’s End pairs Edgar back with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (always a good thing).  I loved This is the End, and I’m sure this film will have a different apocalyptic perspective.  Hopefully this summer can be bookended with two great end-of-the-world comedies.


Other Movies On Lauren’s List:  Absence (Limited – July 5), Hammer of the Gods (Limited – July 5th), The Way Way Back (Limited – July 5th), Girl Most Likely (Limited – July 9th), R.I.P.D. (July  19th), RED 2 (July 19th), The Spectacular Now (Limited – August 2nd), Elysium (August 9th), Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (Limited – August 16th), Drinking Buddies (LA – August 23rd)

Other Movies On Zac’s List: Blue Jasmine (July 26th), The Spectacular Now (Limited – August 2nd), Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (Limited – August 16th), The World’s End (August 23rd), The Grandmaster (August 23rd), Riddick (September 6th)

musicJay-Z – Magna Carta Holy Grail

Alan’s #1: Fall is usually the time where the biggest hip-hop albums come out, but it looks like the summer of 2013 is the time for the best rap albums of the year. Earl is making his debut, along with sophomores Big Sean and 2 Chainz next albums, but there is only one HOVA. Jay-Z’s TWELFTH will be released initially on July 4th if you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, and available everywhere three days later. Hand crafted by himself and what looks to be some of the best producers in the game, this might be THE summer album of 2013.

Sara Bareilles – The Blessed Unrest (July 16th)

Alan’s #2: Talented doesn’t even begin to describe songstress extraordinaire Sara Bareilles. Her last two albums are filled to the brim with incredibly catchy piano tunes and pop songs I cannot get mad at. Though I wished it would have been produced by Ben Folds (who did her spectacular EP she put out last year), I’m still anticipating one hell of a record for her. Also, “Brave” is going to be the most uplifting song of the year; which I can only expect being played in many TV shows this upcoming year.

Heather’s # 2 Pick: I’ll admit it; I was initially not much of a Bareilles fan, especially based on the single from her first album, Love Song.”  But it was her other songs that slowly won me over.  And then, when during a concert I went to, she explained that  she wrote “Love Song” as an F-you to the music label that thought she would be more successful with a love song on her album, that only solidified her awesomeness.  Oh, and being really funny doesn’t hurt either.  I’m sure her upcoming album will be as solid as the last ones.

Lauren’s #2 Pick: What they said.

Franz Ferdinand – Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action

Alan’s #3: YES! Franz Ferdinand has not made an album since early 2009, and have been mostly doing the festivals since then. But out of the blue, the English quartet put out two singles off of their next album, entitled “Love Illusion” and “Right Action.” Though they aren’t as catchy as something like “Take Me Out,” it’s still catchy, vibrant, and enjoyable. Definitely something to look forward to towards the back end of the summer.

The Civil Wars – The Civil Wars (August 6th)

Lauren’s #1 Pick:  Still processing that The Civil Wars have broken up, so hearing this album is going to be pretty bittersweet, especially considering how great their first album was and all that I expected from them in the future.  It better be awesome!

Heather’s # 1 Pick:  It feel like I’ve been waiting so long since 2011’s Barton Hollow for the Civil Wars to release a new album!  I realize that it’s only been two years, but when you consider just how fantastic they are, that is two years too long in my book!  I can only hope they will at least attempt solo efforts now that they are broken up, but I doubt they will ever be able to capture individually the greatness they have together.  I just don’t want to let go yet!

GroupLove – Spreading Rumours (September 17)

Heather’s # 3 Pick:  Happy birthday to me!  GroupLove makes such upbeat, quirky sounding music – perfect for sunny day drives.   They are definitely one of my go-to’s when I need a pick me up, and based on the new single, I expect nothing less from their upcoming album.

tvBreaking Bad (August 11th)

Zac’s #1 Pick: Nothing coming out this quarter has more of my anticipation than the final eight episodes of possibly (if it sticks the landing) the best television show of all time. I CAN’T WAIT!

video gamesTom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist (August 20th)

Lauren’s #1 Pick:  This new Splinter Cell is too actiony!  Well who cares!  I think it looks awesome.  Building off of Splinter Cell: Conviction, which is my favorite of the series, Blacklist looks to be making even more steps in teh right direction if you ask me.  And it can reach a wide range of players, from those who like to go in shooting, to those who love to keep their Sam Fisher in the shadows.

Zac’s #2 Pick: Have always loved the series and don’t plan on stopping now.

Grand Theft Auto V (September 17th)

Zac’s #1 Pick: Rockstar is making probably their final title for current-gen consoles and after everything they have learned from GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption there is no reason this game shouldn’t be a masterpiece.

Other Games on Lauren’s List:  Dark (July 9th), Saint’s Row 4 (August 20th), Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX (September 10th), Grand Theft Auto V (September 17th), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of Shadows (Q3 – so probably pushed)

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