TV Rants & Ramblings: Teen Wolf 3.5 – “Frayed”

Teen_Wolf_2011_Title_cardUsually when I watch an episode I take notes of the important things worthy of being mentioned again later in my write up, but for this episode of Teen Wolf, I barely had anything to say.  As did this episode.

Season Flow Issues

Don’t get me wrong, after a second viewing I did think the episode was a little bit better than when I first saw it, but there are still some major problems.  For starters, it has nothing to do with the continuity of the show in terms of the overall season progression.  Last week’s episode brought up two new concepts in Mr. Smith’s Demon Wolf (or Deucalion for those of you who would like to stick to actual character names) and the Dark Druid, and this week barely makes mention of these things.  I’m still rolling my eyes at Mr. Smith, but what about the Darach?  We get Styles being the voice of the audience and begging to talk about it, but any hope of exploring the importance of what was discovered last week is shut down within minutes of the episode starting.  It’s ok though, I am sure this serial killer will take a break while Derek’s pack deals with other matters.

Plot Holes

Without the Dark Druid, it’s time to just focus on the fight with the alpha pack that Derek feels the necessity to instigate.  Flashbacks of this fight are littered throughout the episode as a different tactic to tell the story since the straight storytelling of going in order and planning was used for the bank heist episode, so God forbid we do something like that again.  The problem with this is that the audience is left out of so much of the details that would allow us to follow along.  For example, how the heck did they plan on getting Mr. Smith to this disintegrating shell of a mall?  At least I think it was a mall.  Clearly this town has fallen short on the upkeep considering the bank we saw prior to this building.  Then Scott decides to show up alone at this mall to have a meeting with Mr. Smith and try to talk things out civilly, but how was this meeting set up?  What was the point of figuring out that they lived in the same building as Allison and her father if this detail means nothing to the plan?  And last, but not least, how did Allison know when and where the fight was going to happen?

Also, though this is of no relevance: have you ever seen that many people pile into the elevator of an apartment building?  Seriously, one person would have made the same point, so why not be realistic?  Come on, people.

Derek’s Dead

Scott drops this bomb early on in the episode, but let’s face it, we’ve been down this road before.  Derek has been impaled through the abdomen on numerous occasions, once by an arm, and yet he’s survived just fine, but he falls onto a broken escalator and suddenly it’s game over?  Come on now, no one believes this, especially because there is no way the show runners are willing to get rid of those abs in the opening credit sequence.

Yet I do have to ask, why did he go to the teacher for help instead of his pack?  Or why didn’t he just go back to his apartment and heal considering he took the lone route the last time everyone thought he was dead?

Mind Control

Unfortunately Scott is unaware of being a part of the show and is stuck with the destructive belief that he helped lead to Derek’s death by slashing the calf of Ennis, sending Derek down to the depths below along with this beast of an Alpha as they were already tangled in a fight.  Because of his guilty conscious, Scott is unknowingly keeping his body from repairing the scratches taken during the battle from the monster twins.  Instead, the wound is actually getting worse throughout the long bus trip to the cross country meet, so good thing Allison is stalking close behind the bus and comes with both a small amount of medical training and the haunting presence of her dead mother to scream her into action.  Might as well help save Scott in death since trying to kill him didn’t work out so well, right Mrs. Argent?

Finally some Scott and Allison time!  Their sparring was nice and all, but then it ended awkwardly and Allison was all wounded because she was made to feel weak again.  But sigh of relief for all when thy have a second scene together in which she has to stitch him up!  Yay!  Even though he was unconscious through most of it, it was nice to see the feelings emanating from Allison when she was worried that she was losing Scott.  Now let’s just get these two kids back together!

Also, how adorable is Isaac?  He was willing to hold the anger in about Derek dying, but when he thought that Scott might die thanks to his wounds he went crazy and punched the heck out of Twin 1’s face!

Final Thoughts

I will say that I did like the episode more after watching it again, but I am still disappointing with the storytelling, or the lack there of.  If you think about it, so little of this story was explained, and some of the most important elements to this season were kicked to the curb.  Oh well, there’s always next episode.

Hopes for next episode:  Hopefully some insight will be provided into why Mr. Smith smashed Ennis’ skull after the vet tells him that Ennis will survive.  Maybe he just really likes killing, or he wanted to get nasty toe girl angry and ready to take on Derek’s pack again.  Speaking of nasty toe girl, I know it’s not going to happen, but I still hold on to the hope that she will put some shoes on.  Fingers crossed.  And most of all, let’s get some more storytelling with Scott becoming a leader all on his own with the introduction of red eyed Scott!

Teen Wolf S3Ep5

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