Film Review: The Heat

Heat HeaderThe Heat cools down pretty quickly, leaving audiences with the shivers. Boom! Temperature pun…

Being prepared with multiple viewings of the trailer, hopes don’t get too high for this pairing of Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.  Don’t get me wrong, the actresses are both great in their own right, but that was pretty much the only thing leading to hope that The Heat wouldn’t fall flat.  Who knows, maybe this buddy cop film, if you can call it that, will be a surprise gem of the summer.  Long story short: nope.

If you saw Identity Thief earlier this year, then you have a pretty good idea of the role that McCarthy is playing.  Just add a whole lot more swearing and a badge to make all of the crazy stuff she does “within” the law.  Now remove Jason Bateman and replace him with a version of Bullock’s Miss Congeniality role as a somewhat awkward FBI agent.  The antagonistic relationship is the same in The Heat as it was for Identity Thief, and it really becomes far more wearing than it is humorous.  The characters live in this annoying relationship throughout a large percentage of the film, which is a shame because when they are somewhat amicable towards each other is when we get to see what this movie really could have been.  Bullock pity parties are the best.

Unfortunately the real teamwork doesn’t come until far too late in the film in which Bullock’s makeover that we already knew was coming is no longer that exciting to see because we’ve been waiting too long.  Not only that, but it is completely uncharacteristic of her perfectionist and by-the-book nature that has been her crutch up until now.  This change provides some comedy as McCarthy rubs off on her, but it just makes no sense for her to care so little about the stuff that makes her who she is.  No way she would have messed around with that grenade.

If you want some advice, definitely wait to see The Heat in the comfort of your own home so that you can rewatch all of the scenes involving the cat.  Best part of the movie.  Other than that, The Heat is mostly a disappointment when considering the could-have-been for this pairing.

Final Grade:  C     

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