TV Rants & Ramblings: Teen Wolf 3.4 – “Unleashed”

Teen_Wolf_2011_Title_cardFirst the Kanima, now chanting serial killers and a Demon Wolf?  Come on, guys…  Things just keep getting weirder and weirder in the Teen Wolf universe.

The Morning After

If you remember what I said last time when Derek rescued the teacher, I was mildly concerned that he had it in him to kill her so she wouldn’t speak of what she saw.  But everyone can breathe and relax because she is still alive!  And also as paranoid as I am, because after finding Derek in her classroom she was pretty afraid that he was there to threaten and/or kill her, sending her on an awkward-when-she’s-nervous ramble.  Though this scene does just seem to be to close up their last scene together, I really hope we get more with this character because she reminds me a lot of Felicity from Arrow, who is easily the best character on that show, and because I want to see more scenes with her and Derek.  Fingers crossed.

The Demon Wolf

I can understand Mr. Smith’s rants about being the alpha of alphas and apexes of apexes because of simple logic: he’s the alpha of an alpha pack.  I am also ok with his explanation of alphas becoming even more powerful by killing betas because we’ve seen betas become alphas so the same logic applies.  Plus a pack is as strong as its parts, so now all the parts are combined into one being.  What I am not ok with is where this scene goes when Mr. Smith starts yelling about being Death the Destroyer of Worlds as lightning and thunder accompaniment.  What the heck is he talking about?  And what the heck is a Demon Wolf?  Other than someone with the power to break sunglasses.

Whatever he is, Mr. Smith (which I will remind you is Deucalion’s nickname thanks to that voice that all Matrix fans should know) does make an interesting storyteller by explaining to Derek how he initially realized he could gain power, but why does he want Derek to do the same?  Maybe he is building his alpha pack because he wants to find out what happens when an alpha kills other alphas.  Who knows.

But what I do know is what he said clearly got to Derek because he sent Isaac packing.  Is he really afraid that he might feel the pull to kill his own pack?  He did kill his uncle to become the alpha, so I wouldn’t put it past him.

The Dark Oak

If this Demon Wolf thing wasn’t weird enough, we now have learned that the serial killer has moved on to chanting at his victims before kidnapping them.  This is supposed to play along with the sacrifice angle of it all, but it’s a little weird.  Especially since we didn’t hear this with the other victims.  What we had were projectile wine bottles, floods of insects, and now a weakened Voldemort whispering for senior boys to stick their heads under the dumpster, because putting your eyeballs next to something that drew blood on your hand is super smart.  I just wish this Druid would make up its mind already because this inconsistency is really starting to bother me.

Mr. Smith did say that he was Death the Destroyer of Worlds, so even though I still don’t think the alpha packs are connected to these sacrifices (unless it’s Mr. Smith’s plan to gain more power and the twins aren’t in the loop), it is an interesting thing to call yourself when all this is going on.  Maybe it’s a red herring.

For now we won’t label him a Darach, or dark oak, not to be confused with Derek.  Darach, Derek?  Coincidence?  Maybe.  This might speak to a path he might be tempted to go down with that whole killing his pack thing, but for now I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt.  But back to why I started this paragraph: through some sleuthing and requested help from the vet (who keeps mistletoe in the office even though it’s poisonous to dogs and werewolves for some reason.  Does that mean Scott can’t have chocolate either?), Stiles discovers the new pattern that has now moved away from virgins and onto warriors.  Or soldiers and those in training, rather, seeing as the first victim was in the ROTC and the latter two had a military history.

Deaths in Threes

Like celebrities, apparently for these sacrifices to work certain characteristic having people also die in threes.  As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, first the virgins were sacrificed, now the warriors (poor guy with the poisoned dog was strangled by a monogrammed leash, which means you know he really loved his dog), a group that just so happens to include a certain teacher who seems to be involved in everything.  First season he told Allison’s aunt about how to commit arson and make it look like an accident, and last year he was a decoy thanks to his ability to quote Shakespeare while being a complete douchebag.  Well the douchebag is no more!  But before we let his memory disappear completely to the cheers, his story isn’t done yet as his dying words were that he did everything the killer asked of him and that the killer still needed him.  Interesting, very interesting.  Beard stroking interesting; if I had one, that is.  What did he get himself into this time?

I could speculate about his involvement, but that would really be throwing darts blindly, so lets turn our attention over to something the vet said as a possible hint of things to come.  The vet mentioned healers and philosophers as other groups of possible sacrifices, so there is a good chance that either Scott’s mom will be taken as a healer, and/or Lydia will be taken as a philosopher if we are just considering really, really smart people part of that category.

The Evil Twins

I know they have nice abs and all, but I still really hate these characters because of the stupid choice to have them turn into one werewolf.  It gets more ridiculous every time I see it!  So much so that the immense amount of growling in this episode was vastly overshadowed by the giant Whoville resident they turn into.  Luckily this scene is short lived as Mr. Smith magically appears to put them back in line, but not before they let their emotions get the better of them throughout the school day.  First was the aforementioned growling match, then they invited Isaac to fight club in order to pin a beating on him (seriously, if I have learned anything from Fight Club it is that when someone beats themselves up you should get the heck out of there, and this counts since they are identical and become one werewolf), and worst of all, they put Allison in danger by basically turning Isaac with an anxiety attack in close quarters.

Scott did his heroics and rushed in to save her, growling Isaac into submission as Derek did to Isaac in the prison on the night of the full moon, and as payback to her near death they get Twin One (or was it Twin Two?) suspended but getting him caught with a motorcycle in school.  If that teacher did any thinking whatsoever then she would have reasoned out that there was no way he would have been able to run out to the parking lot and bring his bike all the way back here after leaving the classroom, but she doesn’t teach math.  Good thing Mr. Smith showed up when he did, because who knows how far their return attack would have escalated.  Based on the closet scene and the fight in the hallway, chances are someone was going to have to explain some dead students in the school.

Final Thoughts

This fourth episode of Teen Wolf was fine and all, but other than Mr. Harris dying there didn’t seem like a whole lot of closure to opened stories.  For starters, we don’t know if Lydia is still gung ho about bedding one of the werewolf twins now that she knows what they are, as well as how she is still showing up in places she is not supposed to be after crimes have been committed.  We’ve also got some awkward tension between Isaac and Allison (who is otherwise absent from the episode) that I will not stand for, and we’ve got a new term that we have no idea what it means.  Still laughing at his proclamation of being the Demon Wolf…  Fingers crossed for more answers come next week, as well as more Scott and Allison time because that is severely lacking.  Throw in Papa Argent while you’re at it.

Teen Wolf S3Ep4

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