The Most Important Bands Of The Era: Number Sixteen

Four more bands enter, how many of them will place? Alan, James, Lauren, and Kristen are back with their number sixteen picks – four bands that sound NOTHING like each other. Who will place, and who will march on?

Kristen: I am ALL for Grizzly Bear being number 16. However, my pick was My Morning Jacket. They’ve been around forever. And their latest album Circuital is awesome. Their song on Dark was the Night was fantastic as well. They are touring with icons like Bob Dylan and Wilco in the Americanarama tour.

Lauren: I agree with Kristen’s first thought of putting Grizzly Bear here if you are all really for putting them on the list, but who the heck is Grizzly Bear!? Clearly things go arry when I leave you guys alone, as Cage the Elephant shows. We could always make this a list of bands with animals in the title by throwing Fleet Foxes in here, b/c I’m not even sure they’re a different band than Grizzly Bear as they both are pretty equal to Sleepy Time Tea to me.

Personally I would put Yellowcard here. I know what you’re thinking: Lauren, they just haven’t been as cool since Ocean Avenue, which was definitely their height. Well pfft I say! Sure their last album didnt hit home like Lights and Sounds or Paper Walls, but they’re one of the most consistent bands I know. Change is good, but consistency can be a good thing as well. And I will never forget the first time I heard that genre bleeding violin rocking out, or their cover of “Don’t You Forget About Me” on the MTV Movie Awards. Seriously, though, a violin.

Also, it’s 4AM and I was woken by my dog throwing up, so don’t mess with me!

Alan: I personally feel like The Decemberists would sit on this spot before Grizzly Bear does, but that’s just me. My sixteenth pick is coming from left field here: Sigur Ros. Sure, you can’t really understand what lead singer Jón “Jónsi” Þór Birgisson, but it’s their music that truly speaks volumes. It’s transitive, spacy, and epic, helping make commercials for vast nature shows like Planet Earth look even prettier than it already is.

James: Wow. The list of bands to sort through is really piling up. For my #16, I had Arcade Fire. If we don’t pick them to be on this list, I’ll kind of get it. They might be more of a “important in the last 10 years” sort of band. They haven’t done a lot in the past 5 years. I think they’ve been very influential, though, and I can definitely imagine people will still be talking about them in 5 years.
I think I disagree with Yellowcard, but if the rest of you can convince me that the past couple of albums can beat Ocean Avenue, I’ll be fine putting them here.

I would put Sigur Ros and My Morning Jacket higher, I think.

So I’d go with either Grizzly Bear or Arcade Fire here and save Sigur Ros, MMJ, the Foos, and the Decemberists for later.

Lauren: No matter how much I love them I can understand the hesitance for Yellowcard, even if I like the two other albums mentioned more than Ocean Avenue. So I’m fine with them being crossed off the list, and I will put my weight behind Arcade Fire for the simple face that they have a different sound than a lot of the bands mentioned, which all sound the same because of my inexperience with them. And I refuse to accept The Decemberists not going higher!

Alan: Just to echo what James said, the list of bands is REALLY piling up. Sooner or later, we might have to start bumping down bands who have gained a spot to accommodate other bands who we deem as “more important.”

Just like Foo Fighters, I have Arcade Fire higher on my list. They might not have released much material, but they did manage to win over everyone and win Best Album at the Grammys. I feel like this is a fine spot for either My Morning Jacket, Grizzly Bear, or Sigur Ros (or Decemberists, but I feel like I’m gonna get overturned there). As much as I want to defend Yellowcard, with their last two albums definitely made up for their middle albums, I don’t think that they are as popular or as important as they were mid 2003.

Kristen: I have Arcade Fire and Sigur Ros waaaaaay higher on my list. Arcade Fire is definitely still important even though their last release was like 2-3 years ago. Their music still has meaning to A LOT of people. I think these two definitely deserve to be above GB and/or MMJ. I agree that Yellowcard isn’t as popular as they were a couple years ago. I think GB would be the best choice for this spot. I am unsure between Decemberists and MMJ. I could take or leave FF.

James: Ok, so let’s put Grizzly Bear here. I think that MMJ, FF, Arcade Fire and Sigur Ros all belong higher, though maybe MMJ will be at the #15 spot.

Kristen: I second this.

The Number Seventeen Spot goes to Grizzly Bear. Sigur Ros and My Morning Jacket join Foo Fighters and The Decemberists to continue looking for a spot.

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