TV Rants & Ramblings: Teen Wolf 3.2 – “Chaos Rising”

Teen_Wolf_2011_Title_cardDid anyone else feel like they missed an episode between this week and the premiere?  No matter, tonight we still have a great episode of Teen Wolf, setting up much to come this year.

Haunted Cellar

With Stiles’ help, Scott attempts to get back out on the social scene since he is still sans Allison.  This plan is far from the only one at work tonight as Stiles’ nursery school friend, Heather, has decided that for her birthday she wants to become all grown up sexually.  Apparently being a virgin at 17 is the worst thing ever these days, so she takes Stiles down into the wine cellar to celebrate in a naked sort of way.  This isn’t exactly something Stiles’ expected, and even though he managed to forget his love for Lydia he is still smart enough to remember that safety comes first, so he has to leave the scene to find a condom.

While he’s away the ghost of a young prostitute who regrets the decisions she made of drinking and sexing decides to make her presence known by throwing the wine bottles all over the place.  Ok, so maybe it wasn’t a ghost, but since when do werewolves have telekinetic powers, if we are to assume that a wolf is behind her abduction?  She screamed at something, but we get no hint as to what she sees before she is pulled through the window.

As we try to decide who took her, we also have to ask why her specifically?  It’s quite the coincidence that the girl one of our main characters was about to sleep with gets taken.  Maybe it was the ghost of his mom and she is really overprotective!  That’s right, I am back to ghosts…  All I know is I cannot explain how all the glass and wine from the shattered bottles was cleaned up by the time Stiles got back, or why thy were that meticulous about cleaning but managed to forget her shoes.  Who knows, maybe Heather imagined it all, or someone made her see what he or she wanted her to.

Message In The Bruise

It still makes me laugh that Allison was so quick to notice that her bruise matched Lydia’s and that this actually meant something.  I would have just thought that it was because hands are mirror images of each other so it makes sense that the bruises would look similar, and then leave it at that.  But no, after Derek is unable to help figure out the meaning behind it and the ancient symbol search on Google was a bust, she makes the leap to it being a logo, or the logo of the bank that plays a bigger role in the episode, more specifically.  Honestly I still just see bruise, but good on you Allison.

The Scenic Route

Without bruises to work off of, Peter is brought in (finally!) to pull memories from Isaac’s mind.  Apparently that’s where Isaac was coming from the night he was being chased by the twins, though he doesn’t remember this.  Peter connects his fingernail to a special spot in Isaac’s neck and is able to get glimpses of memories of this place, but it is not enough to see where Boyd and Erica are past hearing that they need to speed up their search.

What I want to know is how Isaac found them in the first place, but this must have been lost with the rest of the information wiped from his memory.  So now it’s time for the vet to make an attempt at pulling his memories to the surface by shocking Isaac’s system into submittal with an ice bath.  No thank you…  Isaac is braver that me though, so he agrees to suffer this experience if it will bring them closer to his pack mates, and it does.  After some light flashing and moments of terrified refusal to look deeper, Isaac reveals that he found Boyd and Erica in a bank vault, or rather, found Erica’s body.  I was actually surprised that out of those two they killed Erica considering she did more in season 2 that Boyd, but we do find out later that she has been replaced.

Moon Deprivation

I have no idea how the alphas could have planned this so perfectly considering so much relied on Scott and Derek figuring out where Boyd and Erica are, and that they need to be rescued by a certain date, but everything works out as Scott and Derek fall into the trap set.  Apparently Boyd has been deprived of the moon’s effects thanks to the stone the vault was lined with, so he has all this pent up werewolf transformation energy and agitation stored inside.  Now the full moon is upon him thanks to Derek and Scott breaking through the wall, and he is savage and strong enough to be a real threat.  Not only that, but Derek’s younger sister Cora (who he thought was dead) is also in the vault, so the odds look strongly in favor of these Betas in the fight against Scott and Derek.

Luckily Allison just so happens to be in the bank at the same time since she seems to be fine with ignoring the fact that horror film rules apply to her life, and she is able to break the line of that special black stuff that keeps supernaturals from crossing it (why couldn’t they have just gone back out the way they came?).  At least lucky for pro Allison/Scott fans because she did this to protect him, but not so lucky for the unsuspecting characters in this world since they’ve now just had deranged werewolves released on them.

Family Secrets

Last season I was more than annoyed that Scott never told Allison about everything her grandfather did, from cutting that first omega in half to stabbing him in the stomach before threatening his mom, but the thing that took the cake was he never told her about what her mother tried to do to him.  It’s understandable that the timing sucked and saying: “I wish I could be sorry that your mom died, but I’m not since she just tried to kill me last night” wouldn’t have been the most appropriate route to take, but I am happy that Derek is around to force the issue.  If Scott does tell her that Derek attacked her mom to protect Scott she still won’t be best friends with Derek, but at least maybe they will get to some level of understanding that everyone will be able to work together (including her father!) in order to protect everyone from Cora and Boyd.

Final Thoughts

This episode’s set up definitely has the excitement levels up for what is to come this season, like counselor vs. vet possibilities now that we know she is evil, as well as werewolf and hunter team-ups, but first I want to know: What the heck is wrong with Lydia?

Teen Wolf S3Ep2

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