The Breakdown: Once Upon A Time In Wonderland Trailer

Once Upon A Time HeaderI’m a little hesitant when it comes to spin-offs, mostly because I am still ticked with some of the paths Angel’s story took post Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I have to admit Once Upon A Time In Wonderland looks like it could far surpass the show that spawned it.

“Alice.  You were an ignored little girl who wanted to be loved.  So you created a fantasy land full of characters who’d help you become who you wanted to be.  You wouldn’t be the first child to do this, you’re just the first to grow up and still believe it was real.”

I bet that moment in the trailer gave you chills too.  If not, you’re a monster.

Out of the two spin-offs coming to shows that I already watch, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland rates much higher in excitement levels than The Originals after seeing this trailer, even though I love The Vampire Diaries with a passion.  This could be because it feels like they’re splitting up that show in a major way as opposed to simply building onto the world that is there by creating another, which is what we have here.

We have gone into Wonderland a couple times in Once Upon A Time, but not really far enough to explore it past the reinterpretation of the Mad Hatter and the questionable computer effects of the maze.  Though I worry about the visual effects and design of Wonderland since it sometimes comes off fake in the attempt to add depth to the world, the other half of this story in which Alice is in a psychiatric hospital setting will easily pull these other scenes up on their feet.

That and the tone is just so unexpected!  It has a Sucker Punch feel to it (with similar story elements as well), which is not the insult that many probably think that is.  It’s dark, has the potential to draw real emotion, yet it is highly fantastical.  I just wonder if it will question what is real past those characters that do.  I want it to make me doubt, and then convince me to believe.  And I want to believe.


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