TV Rants & Ramblings: Arrow Season 1 Finale – “Sacrifice”

Arrow headerAs I wipe the tears from my eyes, I think it is safe to say that Arrow knows how to end a season.

Favorite Quote of the Episode #1

Slade:  “You couldn’t save the day without making a mess.”

Back On The Island

Similarly to the story line running through this season in present day, the current story on the island comes to an end in the finale.  Picking up right after where it ended in the last episode, Oliver is still trying to cut through what is binding his wrists together.  Too bad he couldn’t have freed himself before Yao Fei got shot…

Now that he’s free, Oliver stabs the guy in the arm who pretended to be another victim of boat sinking and cuts Slade and Shado free as well, but not before a missile gets launched at the passing plane.  Shado and Oliver go after the launcher in order to redirect the missile, which lucky for them is a skill that Shado just so happens to have.  I was really hoping that when she said she knew how to reprogram it she was just joking about ripping the wiring apart and hoping for the best, but she did actually have that knowledge base.  Oh well, it saved the plane, so I forgive this easy out.

Best of all, Fyers is finally gone.  When Oliver goes looking for Shado in the wreckage of the base that was taken out by the redirected missile, Fyers comes in with a gun to her head.  Clearly he doesn’t know about all the water smacking training that Oliver has had, because when Oliver pulls the bow found in the wreckage on Fyers, he is not at all concerned.  Not only that, but he thinks he will get his way by telling Oliver that if he lets him live he will get Oliver off the Island.  We know where this goes, though, as five years haven’t past yet.  But that didn’t make the arrow to Fyer’s throat any less satisfying.

The question is what happens to Slade and Shado in the years to come since Oliver is alone when he is rescued?

Out From Under Malcolm’s Thumb

Even if she believed she was doing the right thing, I was getting sick and tired of Moira Queen saying that everything she’s let happen or did was to protect her family.  So thank goodness Oliver has had enough as well, finally getting through to her by filling her in on what really happened to her husband.  He says that he doesn’t want any more people dying for him like his father did after the accident at sea, so if she won’t do anything then he will.

I figured this would be the end of that, but next thing you know she’s holding a press conference in her house to let everything in on Malcolm’s plans for The Glades, hoping that this warning will allow people enough time to escape with their lives.  She gets arrested for conspiracy, but doing what she did more than makes up for her part as far as I am concerned.

Favorite Quote of the Episode #2

Diggle: “Army regulations.  A soldier never lets a brother go into battle alone.”
Oliver: “I’m out of bows.”
Diggle “I’ve got my gun.”

Favorite Quote of the Episode #3

Oliver: “Thank you for teaching me what I’m fighting for.  But my father taught me how.”

Archer Vs. Archer

If Fyer’s story coming to an end (chances are whoever was giving him orders is still in play) made you as happy as it did me, then I can only imagine that you feel the same way about Malcolm being gone as well.  Unless he has some some miraculous resurrection; in that case I am going to punch someone…

The other archer has been Oliver’s hardest competition this year as he has actually defeated Oliver both times they’ve come up against each other, which includes the end of last week’s episode.  Now Oliver wakes to find himself chained to the ceiling of an open room, with Malcolm there to talk down to Oliver about his lesser conviction.  He believes it is why he always bests Oliver, and I can’t exactly say that this isn’t true.

Malcolm may be able to defeat Oliver, but chains are no match for him as he shows a new master skill level for escape artistry.  Screw slipping the chains, Oliver is just going to break the pipe holding him in place with those chiseled muscles!  Mmm…  That and Diggle swings by thanks to a tracking device in Oliver’s boot to help take some guys down that Oliver couldn’t get to for some up close and personal neck snapping.

With The Glades in jeopardy and the lives of everyone around him falling apart, Oliver finally has something to fight for the next time he comes up against Malcolm to stop The Undertaking.   Not only that, but Malcolm also taught Oliver to learn from the past as this time the arrow Malcolm catches blows up in his hand. Diggle gets a knife thrown into his chest so his help doesn’t come in handy all that long, but it’s ok because Oliver is still not on his own (and technically Diggle climbed up the stairwell, flopping out the door rather hilariously, especially considering he might as well have pulled out some popcorn to go along with watching the fight).  As his father did for him by shooting himself, Oliver either creates an optical illusion through poor camera angles or actually stabs himself through the chest with an arrow in order to get to Malcolm.  And it was not just a flesh wound, even if he acts like it was afterwards since he goes running off into the night to save Laurel.  Seriously though, did he stab himself?

Favorite Quote of the Episode #4

Lance “What do you call computer hacking?”
Felicity: “A hobby…that I do not engage in.”

Favorite Quote of the Episode #5

Lance:  “I know I’m throwing away my career by telling you this, but I am willing to sacrifice catching this guy if it means saving people’s lives.”

The Undertaking

It was also likely that Detective Lance and Oliver would have to work together on a bigger capacity, and this episode gives the perfect opportunity for this to happen.  Lance actually loses his job as he throws it all on the line to vouch for the vigilante’s claims that The Glades are in serious danger since this is something his boss can’t believe.  Which means Lance will just have to go out and fight for justice outside the law as well (unless he gets reinstated after Moira’s press conference).

Suspension or not, Lance goes from interrogating Felicity about her connections to the Vigilante to working with her to disarm the earthquake machine that she located in the subway system based on its proximity to a fault line.  I was going to be pretty sad if Lance was going to eat it after he first couldn’t get the timer to stop counting down, which was the start of a crazy emotional rollercoaster. First I was sad that it was looking like Lance was going to die, but then relief swept over as he disarmed the machine, but then it’s revealed that there is a second device and the lip quivering started again, especially when we hear Felicity crying as debris falls down from the ceiling of the base.  I would have been sad for Lance, sure, but if someone took Felicity away from us they’d have to go into witness protection.  NOBODY TAKES AWAY MY FELICITY!

Unnecessary Heroics

After her mom reveals what is about to happen to The Glades tonight, Thea goes running off to rescue Roy.  As romantic as this desire is to save him, how does she really think this is a good idea?  Why not just call Roy and make sure he heard the news and get out of there?  But instead she chooses to run off that way without letting him know she’s coming, and just so happens to come across him in a random alley.

This was probably all just to get the kiss between the two of them before Thea leaves him to help people stuck in a bus, which Thea puts up no fight to stay with him and help to make sure he still has a car to help him get out in time.  Seriously, I don’t get this girl.  But what I do know is this was easily my favorite showing of Roy yet, other than the episode in which he is kidnapped.  He shows some amazing fighting skills again, as well as a new layer to the person he is, which involves a whole lot of self-sacrifice to save other members of the community.

We don’t know what becomes of Roy, but chances are after the summer he will emerge like Oliver from the island ready to become a sidekick.  Luckily he doesn’t have to live on an island for 5 years of torturous danger.

RIP Tommy Merlyn

I am guilty of being anti Tommy for the last few episodes because of his animosity towards Oliver, as well as how he treated Laurel in the end even though I never wanted them to be together, but never did I hope for, or even imagine, that this would be how Tommy’s story comes to an end.

When his father revealed who he really was to Tommy, instead of picking up the family bow as I feared he would to become an archenemy to Oliver (like Lex did with Clark after their friendship fell through in Smallville), the good person that still remained deep down came out to do what was right.  His appalled reaction to his father’s admittance of his plans and the murders he has already committed, including a few in front of Tommy tonight, pushed Tommy to pull a gun on his father, but he is still too good of a person to go far enough to actually pull the trigger and stop his father from carrying out his plan.

So when he awakens from his father knocking him out, he does what he can to rectify the situation, which is to go to The Glades and help the woman he loves, even if she has moved on.  He manages to save Laurel, lifting some rubble that was holding her down, but in the process of helping her escape he becomes trapped himself as the building really starts falling in on itself.  Oliver arrives to save his best friend, but it is too late as he has been speared through the abdomen, and on turn my waterworks.  I really did love this character…

Final Thoughts

Now that my emotions have subsided slightly, I can still say that after a great premiere season of Arrow, it ended on a high note.  Now bring on season 2!

Arrow S1 Finale

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