Comic Review: Fables (Issues 6-10)

Fables Vol2 HeaderLooks like I was right about Colin the pig playing a bigger part in this group of issues following his random appearances in #1-5 (review here), I just didn’t foresee the role he would play in these rumblings of civil war among the Fables characters.

I’m not positive if this is going to be the standard way of doing things in this series, but volume 2 of Fables has another murder mystery story to spur the remaining issues on.  With that said, it becomes so much more as it delves early on into a huge underlying issue between the two groups of characters in this comic, those who can live among the humans, and those who must hide from the world up on the farm.

It’s easy to be sympathetic towards these oppressed members of the modern world who once felt more like equals, but once an iconic image from Lord of the Flies is brought into things, understanding their frustration does not make up for their actions.  This villainy is a little disappointing because I prefer my bad guys more layered, but this does fit with how the original stories of these characters usually unfold.

I still don’t quite even understand how these farm animals thought that taking on the other members of Fabletown would be the wise way to getting back to their homeland considering they would just thin their numbers, but you can’t expect the most thought to go into planning when the leader is into bestiality.  Gross, Goldilocks, just gross.  Technically I guess this version of The Beast and Bigby Wolf could also fall into that area if icky sexy-time taboos, and as gross as that is, it still is another way the writers are making our ideas of these fairytale worlds and characters new and exciting.  With that said, I am way more interested in this concept Rose Red brings up about the relationship between the mundies belief in these characters and the level of immortality it brings them.  Maybe Tinker Bell will be making an appearance to bring about an “I do believe in fairies. I do! I do!” storyline.

If this story isn’t what is coming up next, then the only thing to really hope for is for Fables to keep on doing what it is doing.  I wouldn’t mind having a different protagonist for the main body of the story so we can learn even more about another character, but I can handle more Snow White if I have to as long as the supporting characters still have their moments to shine.

Final grade: B     

Fables Vol2

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