TV Rants & Ramblings: Arrow 1.20 – “Home Invasion”

Arrow headerDeadshot is back.  Again.  Ugh…

Favorite Quote #1

Felicity: “I just hacked a federal agency.  …Kind of makes me a cyber terrorist, which is bad because I don’t really see myself fitting in well at Guantanamo Bay.”

Deadshot Appearance #3

Is anyone else really bummed that Deadshot is the villain that has more repeat appearances than the other villains?  I guess China White might actually have more, but even she is better than this guy.

At least this time he had improved aim, taking out more cannon fodder than usual to prove that maybe he doesn’t actually need poisoned bullets to kill his targets.  Yet, he still manages to be the second most impressive hitman in the show because his name is not J. August Richards.

In addition to this other hired gun, Deadshot actually takes backseat to the story he is a part of as well, solely acting as a catalyst to create tension between Oliver and Diggle instead of actually inspiring a full episode of his own as the villain.  It’s not Oliver’s fault emo sniper took Diggle out pretty easily in close combat.  Isn’t the whole point of being a sniper to keep distance between you and your target?  So come on Diggle, how hard could it really be to knock him out and/or keep him from escaping?  Really, Oliver leaving this mission in Diggle’s hands was a compliment, showing confidence in this man.  Besides, he had a ton of armed agents on the scene as well.  (Don’t worry, for those of you who can’t tell, I am being partly sarcastic.  But only partly)

We will allow Diggle some time to throw his little fit and storm out, but he better come back soon or I fear for the abandonment trend that is starting.  If Felicity leaves Oliver too I don’t know what I’m going to do!

Favorite Quote #2

Oliver:  “I wear a hood and put arrows into criminals.  So when it comes to complexity, I grade on a curve.”

The Hitman

Not only considering what I said above, but Diggle is being pretty hypocritical considering the hitman going after a little boy has proven to be just as deadly as Diggle’s target.

I was really excited to see Richards, but I had quite the conflicting train of thought when he came onto the screen: Yay Gunn from Angel!  Boo a gun!  Bad Gunn!  After he killed Laurel’s clients in front of their son, Taylor, it was a little easier to make up my mind on how to feel about him.  Thank goodness they didn’t have him kill the son as well, though, because that would have gone a little darker than it needed to, even if it would have ruined the guys chances of saying the horrible line: “What he saw was the face of the man who will reunite him with his parents.”  How about next time your boss asks you if he saw your face, just say yes.

As Taylor’s lawyer, Laurel assigns herself temporary guardianship to keep him from going to child services, thus forcing Oliver’s hand to watch over her instead of helping Diggle out since we all know how useless cops standing guard outside someone’s home in TV and film are.  Seriously, they do nothing to help.  At least Laurel isn’t a complete idiot though, as she is smart enough to recognize that the hitman’s police badge is bogus.  Then again, all the points she earned for this insight were soon lost since she didn’t understand how frequently her own shotgun has to be reloaded.  You’d think that if this is something her dad taught her about, as she said, then the lesson would have at least been extensive enough to include information about the ammo capacity of the gun she keeps in her apartment.  Good thing Oliver was there to crash through the window and save the day.  That’s right, Diggle, good thing Oliver didn’t choose you.  Boom.

Like Laurel with her fluctuating points, the Hitman is also pretty spotty as yet another so-so villain.  They just really failed to get his character right.  Sure, the murderous embolism he sent after Rasmus was a pretty cool trick he pulled out to put a period on the no to not hunting down Taylor anymore, but then the next scene he’s in he says something completely stupid again; something about the pain emitted from the Queen’s mansion’s paneling.  Thankfully he paid for that greatly as Oliver showed just how well he knows how to use his environment to his advantage.

Back On The Island

Before he learned this parkour inspired fighting technique, he first had to master the bow.  How hard can it be after all that amazing water smacking Shado had Oliver do?  Pretty hard, apparently, because even if it is as easy to aim a bow at a tree as it is to aim your hand at the surface of a bucket of water, there’s no promise that he actually has good aim.  Then again, he isn’t wrong about doing as she commanded.  Shado told him to hit a tree, and like he said, he probably did.  A tree over that way and back a little.

After today’s lesson, Yao Fei finds them, bringing along Fyer’s army.  I really don’t understand this man and his bipolar actions towards Oliver.  Save him, capture him, release him, choke him out, kick him to freedom…  It’s a never-ending cycle with this guy!  For all I know, leading these men to them must be some other plan of his we just aren’t privy to, so now we just have to wait for him to take the next step again.  Maybe Oliver will even get to shoot someone.

The Girl Back Home

Oliver allowed himself to slip up and kiss Shado thanks to the sexiness archery inspires, but he quickly stops this because he can’t let go of Laurel so easily, even if she is so far away.

That was then, and this is now.  No matter how strong his feelings were for her then and are still, Oliver is firmly planted in the time when all superheroes decide that they must shun the ones they love to keep them safe.  Sure, they can have lunch together, and he can watch her through her windows, but nothing more!  Too bad Tommy doesn’t see it this way.  Maybe knowing that Oliver can actually protect her better than he can was the first nail in the coffin, but by the time the episode is over Tommy has seen/heard enough to know that he is playing second fiddle to Oliver, even if Laurel doesn’t even know it yet.  I feel kind of bad for Tommy, but I can’t quite stifle the “YAY!” that is trying to come roaring out of my Team Oliver emotional center.  Too bad this is probably just the beginning of on and off again relationships with Laurel and both guys.  We know how these things go, so please surprise us, writers!

Future Sidekick

Like Laurel, Roy also has a special connection to Arrow ever since he saved Roy’s life, and tonight he starts to show the initiative to make himself into something more by finding the man who inspired this need to change.  Stealing the police walkie talkie to overhear when and where the next Hood sighting is didn’t exactly work since Lance is enough of a detective to notice it’s missing, but he’s going to have to do much more than show Roy some arrow wounds on a corpse to change his mind.

This storyline seems a little thin as it is one of many going on in this episode, but it was a nice reminder of what is to come in Roy’s future (hopefully).  Not only that, but it did give Thea a nice moment with Roy as she says he means the world to her so she will help him find the hood.  All the while standing next to some Riddler graffiti.  Aw…

Final Thoughts

Overall this was a pretty solid episode of Arrow, thanks in most part to the character moments with our core group of characters.  Other than that, I feel like I can end this write-up in a way that mirrors the intro: Deadshot will be back.  Again.  Ugh…

Arrow Ep20

One thought on “TV Rants & Ramblings: Arrow 1.20 – “Home Invasion”

  1. The Diggle – Deadshot fight scene was a complete failure. It ruins the submersion of this episode in the series in one spectacular way: Deadshot should have narrowly escaped Diggle not beat the crap out of him.
    Instead he pummels him in close quarter combat, and leaves him with a stupid rant about he was not paid to tatoo Diggle’s name on himself.
    Its a classic Deus ex Machina / Auctore.
    Props to everyone over at Arrow for a great show, but this particular scene was not up to par.

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