The Breakdown: R.I.P.D. Trailer

RIPD trailer headerHow have I not read the comics this movie is based on!?  It’s like Angel meets Reaper and loads of other things!  Way to go, everyone, for not sitting me down and forcing me to read them.  Unless they’re bad.  Are they bad?  Shh, I’m gonna read them now!

0:13 – Seriously, why would you make a car as pretty as that your police vehicle if you’re going to be driving through fences and what not?  Think of the paint job!

0:18 – Ooo Ryan Reynolds!  And Kevin Bacon in the background.  But ooo Ryan Reynolds!  You wear that police vest!

0:26 – Goodness if the bullets didn’t do him in, that fall definitely would.  Not quite sure how he landed perfectly on his back like that, though, considering it looked like he was going to end up head first, but I’m sure landing on the back is equally rough considering he ended up dead and not just broken.  Plus if he did snap his neck then Reynolds would probably have to walk around with his head tilted to the side through the whole movie, and we can’t have that!  Perfect posture it is!

0:32 – When I die, I wouldn’t mind being able to walk through the world like this.  Mess with people.  Just for an hour, though, because then insanity slips in.  You know what?  I’ll take that power now, thanks.

0:38 – AAAHHH not the sky toilet!

0:42 – “Proctor, Proctor, give me the news…”

1:01 – He may be smelling what you’re selling, but mostly I just think it is the burned flesh (Speaking of, if she gets to wear a badge on her clothes, why does his get burned into his chest?).  Whatever the case, I do hope that there are plenty of scenes with Mary-Louise Parker because I am really liking her character already.  And she was a highlight of RED, though all characters were really pretty great, so let’s hope we can say the same for this as well.

1:03 – They call their targets “dead-o’s”?  Did I hear that right?  If so, I really hope there’s more of an explanation to excuse this name, and maybe apologize for it.

1:05 – How do you escape judgement?  There’s a way to not get flushed up the sky toilet?

1:08 – True Grit Jeff Bridges is back!

1:13 – Oh thank goodness, True Grit Jeff Bridges is much more understandable this time around.  He must have gotten a speech coach.  That just helped him slightly.  …He still talks funny.

1:25 – “I dont know what eyes to shoot you between” is kind of a stupid line, so let’s just hope that’s the down spot for the character.  Unless stupid lines are his thing…

1:37 – You’d think they’d still make them look like cops, and maybe a little more inconspicuous if they’re going around shooting demons out in the open.

2:05 – Ok in this moment I finally like Bridges’ character, though what he is doing is really rude!  I’m just afraid the writers were treading the annoying vs. hilarious line too closely.  We’ll see when we get to see him in full length form.

2:14 – I’m assuming he means the lighting heading upward and not the sky toilet, unless there are other ways into the afterlife.

2:28 – Oh no a building toilet!  Or maybe it’s that one transformer that eats everything.

2:46 – It might just be because we’ve seen 3 death situations post death already, but I have hopes they won’t overdo this since it will definitely remain funny in moderation.  Especially in a payback moment like this.  I would love to see this moment being filmed too because a beautiful woman is being asked to make herself look as stupid as possible.  She must have a good sense of humor. [Sidenote – while looking at this film’s IMDB page I saw mention of numerous actors playing avatars for the same character, which I think I like more.  So fingers crossed the page is correct.]

Final Thoughts:  The premise is definitely something I can get behind because of movies and shows I’ve seen before that this reminds me of, but I am definitely going to look into the comics to see what the writing style is like.  Not that this guarantees how the characters are written in the film, but it will hopefully give a good idea of what to expect.  I’m just afraid Bridges’ character is going to turn out stupid.

So what’d you think?  Let me know!

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