The Breakdown: The Purge Trailer

Purge Trailer HeaderI don’t know how I’m just hearing about The Purge now, because it’s a new concept in a genre that I love.  Be sure to watch the preview after the break!  I doubt you’ll be disappointed.  Unless you hate horror.  Then your loss.

0:09 – “Unemployment is at 1%.”  This is where my dad makes some joke about Obama’s America.

0:11 – A happy family at the dinner together, not a TV on in sight. Aw unity.

0:12 – Nice to see Cersei smiling while in the company of her family.  Or just Lena Headey in general.

0:14 – Not quite sure what teens making out has to do with having jobs, unless unemployment is down because everyone is in porn now.  Or are we supposed to be impressed with these generic trophies?  Are they all Employee of the Year awards?

0:16 – “Crime is at an all-time low, because one night a year…” s*** goes crazy.  Insert scenes of people going crazy on each other, beating, shooting…

0:26 – “…all crime is legal.”  What!?  That is awesome!  Not that I’d want to live in this society.  Question though, if crime is legal, then why would there be need to have security cameras running?  I guess it will help them just keep track of what went down during this night of insanity, but you’d think that as part of this Do What You Want night, people would still not want to be filmed because God forbid a vigilante gets a hold of this feed and takes justice into his/her own hands.  Maybe that will be the sequel.  Security feed aside, this concept is awesome!

0:29 (- 0:37) – “Tonight allows people a release for all the hatred and violence they keep up inside them.”  Ok, that’s a terrifying way of looking at it.  In my mind, I’d assume that this night would be used mostly by those who felt murderous during the year, but didn’t want to get in trouble for their actions.  So they wait for this night to take out their annoying boss, or cheating spouse, or neighbor who lets their dog bark too much.  But this quote makes it sound like suddenly because there are no rules, every person loses the good side of their humanity and revels in the worst of the lawlessness.  Lord of the Flies!

0:32 – Lol… How terrifying would that be to look out and see your neighbor preparing a weapon to hack someone to death?  For all you know, it could be for you!

0:35 – No wonder unemployment is down to 1%, everyone is being employed to build back the cities after being burned down every year!

1:02 – If hospitals aren’t in operation on these nights, do they just have to go around the next day picking up the wounded?  Assuming not everyone is killed.  Who deals with all the bodies?  That’s probably where those that aren’t on rebuild the city duty go.  Body disposal.  And think of all the crime scene clean up!

1:25 – Stupid kid!  That could have been his elaborate trick to get inside and murder your whole family!

1:35 – If there are no repercussions for your crimes, what is the need for masks?  Wouldn’t you want the person to know who you are as they died?  Granted, that’s assuming there is some personal settle to score.  For all I know, this could just be a hate crime.  And the speaker does say “our target for this year’s Purge,” like this is an annual thing this group does, picking a random victim each year.  What if you went to find your victim and they were out committing their own crime?  Heck, buy a boat and wait the night out at sea.

1:47 – If the man they let into their home felt the need to write “Don’t look for me,” I want to know how big this house is.

1:50 – Metal bars?  Why the heck didn’t they get those steel sheets to cover all of their windows and doors?  Go all out to satiate the what ifs in your mind!

1:52 – Come on, kid.  Do you think that man your brother let into your house would have been satisfied with hiding under the bed?  No!  Do better!

1:56 – Ok, so maybe they did have metal sheets over all the doors and windows.  I retract what I say about the safety of the metal sheets…

1:57 – Who’s truck is that?  Did someone come to save them, like the boy in that seemingly unnecessary kissing shot in the beginning?  Because I seriously doubt the family decided to take a late night drive.  Then again, heavily armored trucks would be one way to get out of this situation…  They should keep that in mind for next year.

1:58 – Guess those boots could have been on the feet of the man who the brother let in.  Does he really think that taking the daughter hostage will save him from the people outside?  If they get in they’ll just shoot through his shield to get to him.  Which is exactly what is going to happen anyway even if the family doesn’t send him out there before the hour is up…

2:06 – …which based on that montage, is safe to say they did not do.  Bring on the utter chaos inside the house!

2:14 – Seriously, why is that window wide open!?

Final Thoughts – A close eye on the trailer makes the guessing at how this story is going to play out pretty easy, especially since we see madness breaking out inside the house at the end, but I am too excited for this concept to really care if I have guessed the basic plot points.  The Purge looks awesome!

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