TV Rants & Ramblings: Arrow 1.18 – “Salvation”

Arrow headerOn this episode of Arrow, Oliver must deal with another vigilante bringing justice in a way that he frowns on.  One vigilante is ok, but two is a crowd!

Back On The Island

We all know that Oliver wasn’t going to get off the island, so I was glad that this “possibility” didn’t run till the end of the episode this time around.  Instead, when Fyers shows up to get his circuit board back, he comes with the offer that instead of a boat off the island Oliver can choose to save Yao Fei’s daughter’s life instead.  Unfortunately Shado didn’t come cocooned in floaties, so it’s obvious to Oliver’s pesky conscience that he has to give up his means of escape to do the right thing.  Can’t have both today.

In the end Fyers would have never given them a boat anyway seeing as his men were busy stealing the hidden circuit board elsewhere on the island in order to commit crimes that he’d like to keep secret, so it’s a good thing that Shado got some good swings in to Fyers’ head before the cavalry arrived and ran everyone off so they’ll have at least one thing to smile about when looking back on the day.  Then again, this is probably the last thing on her mind since they had to leave her father behind after what I can only assume was a stray bullet that found Fei’s calf based on the overall accuracy of the gunmen.  That’s hardly fatal though, so don’t worry, he’ll be back.

But if he does end up on the wrong end of a torture scene after things go a little too far, good thing Shado is now with Oliver because the DC character of the same name just so happens to be a pretty good shot with a bow as well.  Not only that, but she’s also got some acrobatic fighting skills that would get a lot of use in the WWE.  Maybe after she’s done telling them about Fyers’ plan for the missiles we’ll see the origin of Oliver’s shirtless training montages.

The Savior

This week’s baddy isn’t who we first think it is as Oliver sets out to grab John Nichol, a man I am glad not to call my landlord as he isn’t the most honest man, letting his tenants live in dangerous conditions.  But as he sips his celebratory alcoholic thirst quencher when it looks like he is in the clear after a fire in one of his buildings, a noise rudely pulls him from his TV and draws him downstairs.  Should have guessed that this wouldn’t be Oliver seeing as he’s usually not so careless, but the classic “drag fallen victim out off the screen” often employed in horror films gives it away that we’re dealing with someone a little more terrifying.  Soon after Oliver does arrive, but all that is left is a murdered lamp.

The Savior becomes even scarier after all the cell phones and computers in The Glades are sent a link to a live stream of Nichol bound and gagged, with a masked voice accusing him of his crimes against those of The Glades.  I thought I was being all smart by noticing that The Savior kept saying “us” and “we” when placing blame on Nichol to show that he had been a victim of this man’s crimes as well, but two seconds later and a detail given by this voice about his wife’s death and Felicity already has his true identity pulled up.  It’s no surprise that she would outsmart me…

Vigilante Justice

As everyone continues to watch in fascinated horror, the time comes to dole out justice, and The Savior doesn’t waste any time as he fills Nichol full of bullets, calling out for the next guilty person to stand trial.  Not in Arrow’s house!

After the ten minutes of the wild good chase that Felicity sends Oliver on to find the second abductee, the District Attorney who didn’t bring Nichol to trial, by tracking The Savior’s IP address or internet connection or something else techy that I’m not going to pretend to understand even though it happens all the time in TV and film, two men are dead and Oliver is no closer to stopping this murderer.  And then he comes for Roy, digging a needle into his neck as Thea is pushed out of the way for a classic “being knocked out more-or-less to be kept from seeing what happened or who did it” trick.

Savior, Meet Arrow

Was anyone else completely disappointed in The Savior’s appearance when Oliver comes face to face with him?  He just didn’t look at all imposing, and I couldn’t imagine he was the person behind these abductions, especially when trying to imagine him dragging Nichol off-screen in that first kidnapping.

That, and kidnapping Roy seemed so ridiculous, only being targeted because he is a recurring character and love interest for Thea (and possible sidekick down the road).  It’s not like the death of The Savior’s wife was connected directly to Nichol or anything, and I couldn’t quite hear if the assistant DA was involved in not bringing her murderers to trial, yet picking Roy Harper specifically out of all the random gangbangers just seemed a little too simple, especially after going after more well-known targets for his first two live trials.

It’s forgivable though, because Oliver somehow manages to jump through the window of what must be the slowest subway car ever to make that possible and save Roy after he’d given up hope and told The Savior he wasn’t worth saving.  Witnessing Arrow stop The Savior might be the push Roy needs to finally change his criminal ways because this act basically says that people out there think he’s worth saving, so hopefully this gets through to him seeing as no amount of kissing from Thea was doing the trick.  But if that arrow he pulls from his pocket is an indication of anything, I’d say it’s foreshadowing some (hopefully) awesome things to come.

I Am An Island

Similar to what I am hoping to be the catalytic moment for Roy, Oliver also has a moment where The Savior makes him realize that maybe diving deep into his work isn’t the way to go.  The Savior was forced to be lonely when his wife died, but it’s not like Oliver choosing this path for himself by giving up any sense of a life is any better.  Chances are, this loneliness could lead him straight to becoming someone like The Savior, who for now Oliver sees as being different than himself, if by much.

After McKenna got shot and left the city, it was understandable for Oliver to feel that a real life would be asking for too much, but I’m glad to see that Oliver was shown something to make him change his mind.  The potential for drama is good and all, but he just looked so sad, and I am incapable of giving him a hug through the TV screen when he says things like: “I don’t want to be on an island anymore.”  So you better go get coffee with him when he asks you, Laurel!  Or I will give you reason to break out that ugly cry again!

Final Thoughts

After watching this episode of Arrow, it wasn’t quite what the trailer lead me to believe was going to go down.  Not that this was bad by any means, just your average Arrow episode.  As the season starts to near the end, I’m hoping for some intensifying storylines!

So what did you think of this week’s episode of Arrow?  Even though the girl in the photo turned out to not be Sarah, I’m having trouble letting her go.  I think she might still be out there, or else what was the purpose of this storyline?  Did you look at this week’s baddy and think: “Really? You’re The Savior?”  Who do you think is going to end up being Oliver’s mentor on the island: Yao Fei or his daughter?  Did you want to punch Moira in the face after putting the blame on Frank for the attack on Malcolm Merlyn?  She’s definitely going to have Lady Macbeth Syndrome with all that blood on her hands.  When Oliver had the revelation that the circular design in his notebook had something to do with the subway system, specifically with the Glades, could you see it?  Cuz I couldn’t.  Let me know your thoughts on all things Arrow below!

Arrow Ep18

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