TV Recap: Revolution 111 “The Stand”

revolution-nbc-2REVOLUTION IS BACK! If you were to ask me months ago if I was excited for this day, I’d say “absolutely.” It was unique, action packed and the only drama on television that actually hooked me in. However, since the four months since the AWFUL mid-season cliffhangar, I’ve decided to watch more captivating television while the show had its time off. Safe to say; I’m way more captivated in The Following than I am. But alas, Revolution is back and ready to captivate, confuse, and continue on until its season finale. So how was the return episode? Weird.

Before I get into the episode’s good points, let me just say that this has to be the most plot-holed (get it?) episode of Revolution I’ve ever seen. When did the Gang of Six get uniforms, a horse drawn carriage with approximately six empty coffins, and a dead guy to put into one of them? What tower was Rachel talking about? Why does Miles have to apologize to her? What’s in Level 12? Why didn’t the helicopters shoot at the horse carriage? And how did Danny know how to shoot a rocket launcher? All these answeres and more…I believe will be answered sometime during the last bit of the season. Until then, lets just talk about what good things happened during “The Stand…”


…including Danny’s heroic death. That’s right, the most annoying character – and one that I have constantly wished to die during the first half of the season – took some bullets for the rebels. Of course, he took down two helicopters whilst going to the light, but his mundane character is now no longer in the Gang of…now Five. It looked like it was a sucker punch to Charlie, as she spent the entire first half of the season wanting to get him back for him to only die in the return episode. Charlie doesn’t even look like she gives one f*** about surviving anymore, she just looks like she wants some blood. Unlike her mother, who decided to dig into Danny’s skin at the end to pull out some sort of blinking pill from his stomach. Weirder still, she knew exactly where it was. Rachel quickly moved up to number one on the “needs to die” list.

Number two belongs to Captain Tom Neville – not because of how awesome of a bad guy he is, but because I have to show some sort of compassion. See, when Neville and his son Ryan (right?) went to scout out the rebel base where Charlie was staying, Ryan basically refused his fathers orders. This led to a serious beating by the elder on his son, in which he immediately disowned him afterwards.

Lastly, number three belongs to Randall, who we all remember last season as the man who captured Grace and has her working for his underground military…thing. Apparently he is planning something big, which required the almost kidnapping of Rachel and Miles. But they got away (of course). That doesn’t mean they are out of luck, as it looks like they are going to strike up a deal with the Monroe Militia for some extra fire power.

Where this season is going to go, I don’t know. I’m still way more interested in other dramas this season, but Revolution could redeem itself in the weeks to come. So what did you guys think of the first episode after the four month break? Are you as happy as I am now that Danny is dead? How do you think the rest of the season is going to pan out? Leave your comments down below.


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